On The Line

A$ton Matthews and crewmate Joey Fatts dropped this loosie over an energetic but eerie backdrop, definitely a different sound than what you heard on A$ton‘s last project but it still works. Also be on the lookout for Joey‘s Chipper Jones Volume 2.

A$ton Matthews “My Nina” (Feat. Joey Fatts, prod. Kenny Beats)

Paper Plates

Murph released his project Space Age Bawsin‘ along with a video for his single “Modern Communism” with Troy Ave, the well shot video of warm weather cruising accompanies the smooth track well. The mixtape contains a variety of backdrops and even unexpected political raps. The untitled bonus track (remember those?) is type hilarious too, and a portion could possibly be party spin worthy.

Grab the tape.

Murph “Modern Communism” (Feat. Troy Ave)

Fuck His Bread Up

Main Attrakionz continue the grind with two solo mixtapse. Squadda‘s offering titled Playtime, Ball Till You Fall is a double disc containing production from Skywlkr, Al Jieh, Keyboard Kid and Ryan Hemsworth amongst others.

Mondre‘s tape Cloudd Packk is of similar length and contains production from Nems 270, Friendzone, some more Al Jieh, DJ Kenn, and Joe Wax.

Stream or purchase both releases below.

If You Don’t Know

Stretch and Bobbito reunited last Thursday night on WKCR 89.9 to promote their event at the New Museum, the reunion ep focused on the year 1993 — which they felt was a seminal year for the show and coincides with the theme of the museum’s NYC 1993 exhibit. Clips of sets, freestyles, and hilarious convos were played and reminisced upon. And to end it, they brought it back with a few phone calls where listeners got clowned on heavily.

Download both parts of the reunion ep, here and here.

Dancin’ Round The City

Parlae aka Teddy Gram da Hustla and everyone’s favorite astronaut. Honestly, I would usually skip something like this but 1. Future actually has a verse on it (and the beat is pretty effective at the very least), 2. the main artist’s name references one of the best snacks you could pick up while making a stop for gas.

Parlae aka Teddy Gram da Hustla “Flex Up” (Feat. Future, Prod. Proto_Cal)

Props to DGB

Fuckin’ Up The Money

To celebrate the recently announced release date of Free Bricks 2 (this Thursday, at, you guessed it, 10:17pm), here’s another post chock fulla new Guwop and Scooter.

We begin with the first leak off of Scooter‘s upcoming Juughouse (July 2nd). Features his partna-in-finessin’ dem and Lex conducting the Tales From The Darkside philharmonic. Also, has an unfortunate final guest verse by “one of those rappers.”

Young Scooter “Pass Around” (Feat. Gucci Mane & Whehlkwhathh, Prod. Lex Luger)

Next up is Gucci‘s first leak off of his upcoming Trap House 3 album (like the aforementioned Juughouse, July 2nd…and not to be confused with the also upcoming Trap Back 2). By now We’re all well-acquainted with the result of a collaboration with Zaytoven, so add an energetic 2 Chainz to the mix, and serve.

Gucci Mane “Dirty Cup” (Feat. 2 Chainz, Prod. Zaytoven)

Scooter is featured on this Jamaican bad gyal’s song (and mini-movie, also starring Paul Campbell, of Shottas fame).

KK Holiday “Mums” (Feat. Young Scooter)

Lastly, something new with La Flare and OG DJ Paul. Quite tuff city.

A-Wax “Make Room” (Feat. Gucci Mane & DJ Paul)

But Look At Me Now

Memphis’ weedman Dolph is back, with patented lazy flow in tow. Would love to hear a remix of this with Starlito.

Young Dolph “Lebron” (Prod. K.E.)

Clean Out My Estate

Patta and co-d speak on the importance of abacus ownership. Off of Cheez N Dope.

Project Pat “Countin’ Money” (Feat. Nasty Mane, Prod. DJ Spinz)

If you’re in NYC tomorrow, you’d be a fool to miss Pat live at Santos Party House.

Inside My Machine!

1017‘s newest signee Young Thug drops off this pack fulla all-things-trapped-out. More of Young‘s often strange rhyme stylings (IMO, duke is in some secret universe between the best of Lil Wayne‘s druggiest anecdotes and the most heartfelt of GBE-sponsored savagery) sharing the room with an all-star house fulla of producers (see: Lex Luger, Nard & B, 808 Mafia, C4, Dun Deal, KE, etc.) and rappers, alike.

Get 1017 Thug

That’s An Experiment

Future doesn’t sleep apparently…he just stays geeked up. Great to see him working more with 808 Mafia. The king of harmonious warble rap plus savage beats? We endorse completely, all the time, yes.

Future “Ain’t Neva Seen” (Prod. 808 Mafia)

Future “Came From Nothin'” (Prod. 808 Mafia)

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