Can’t Let Her Kiss Me

Patta just has a way with these silly womens. This sounds like it could’ve been on Layin’ Da Smack Down pretty much…and that’s a fucking great thing. Pat for president. Cheese N Dope coming soon.

Project Pat “Sackful” (Produced By Drumma Boy)

High Class Street Nigga

Young Dolph remixes his drinks and perhaps the perception that he can only rap on the most bombastic trap symphonies. This is a lot more learjet than trap house… certainly a fitting song title. Dolph‘s Blue Magic can be purchased sans dj on iTunes now.

Young Dolph “Dream”

Peace to DGB

Everybody Think That Their Kid’s The Smartest

Brick Squad‘s newest recruit deploys with the Squad general and Free Bandz‘ own sharpshooter on some black ops shit. Rocko really showed off on this.

OG Boo Dirty “Rap Niggaz” (Feat. Gucci Mane & Rocko)

In The Stash House

Ca$h Out and GuWop talk about that tragic, street corner life. Oh, just some hypnotic, sinister plot trappin’. Ca$h Out‘s Keisha project drops December 18th.

Ca$h Out “The Curb” (Feat. Gucci Mane)


French Montana dropped visuals for his track originally just titled “Intro” on his latest mixtape, Mac N Cheese 3. Grab the mixtape here. The beat’s produced by Harry Fraud, arguably his best contribution to the project.

French Montana “Only If For a Night” (AKA “Intro”, Prod. Harry Fraud)

Crackheads Crackin’ Blunts

Gunplay released another random loose track on a strange but hypnotizing backdrop for the fanbase. Peace to Don Logan, one of the few two time Fresh Out the Box alumni. Check his appearances on our show — here and here. His recent interview with Vice is a legit read a too.

Gunplay “Definition of A Plug” (Feat. Yo Gotti)

Off The Forklift

Resident PTP superproducer, Gila Monsta (of Gorgeous Children fame), dropped this off at the office yesterday morn (the file was somewhat mysteriously named “Trap AYE”). The only thing that could’ve made me surpass my current level of reactionary excitement was the bass-enveloped confirmation that yes, indeed, this was a remix of the Brick Squad adlib-downpour classic…”Make The Trap Say Aye.” And, goddamn, was that previous level surpassed!

Young Gila gave this a twist or two…the traphouse drum kit is still an ever omnipresent force in the rhythm section, just in his own mode of interpretation, while the melody falls somewhere between We Are The Streets era L-O-X and an uplifting passage in a Kitaro song: basically, Styles P would probably rap on this and then be deported to a Siberian prison camp due to the copious amounts of bodies he’d be forced to catch on such new age savagery. In the end, it’s copious amounts of substance being transported/forklifted/flown off…etc. – and we are completely good with that.

OJ Da Juice Man “Make The Trap Say Aye Gila Monsta Remix” (Feat. Gucci Mane, Produced by Gila Monsta)

We had the pleasure of debuting this last night on Fresh Out The Box…plus some other unheard of things from Tree and Hefna Gwap. Do the right thing and hit the FOTB archives for the entire episode + playlist.

Fuck Whoever’s Nice. Fuck Whoever’s Not Nice.

Styles P is lord of the cold winter rap realm. More proof to that statement being actual fact follows. His new album, The World’s Most Hardest MC is out now.

Styles P “Backroom Freestyle”

Styles P “Hoody Season”

Styles P “Show N Off Freestyle”

Styles P “Pop Out” (Produced by Vinny Idol)

Try Your Luck

Tone Skeeta enlists fellow Gutter City Ent. brethren Tree for his cut “Thrilla n Manilla”. And check Tone‘s solo project, Mixtape Music. Tree also appeared for an interview on our weekly radiowave installment Fresh Out the Box a few months back, learn yourself something.

Tone Skeeta “Thrilla n Manilla” (Feat. Tree)

All’s Fair

Ragazino, the Brownsville spitter links up with UK producer The Purist, who you might remember from his collaboration with Roc earlier in the year. And if you missed the track that PTP’s own Geng-Grizzly did with Maff, check that too.

Maffew Ragazino “Fish$cale” (Prod. The Purist)

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