Max Julien

Curren$y drops this new one with a Blaxploitation twist. By the sound of it, this is something worth throwing on during a PM drive.

Get Priest Andretti

Small Child

Don Trip and YO Gotti with their contribution to the creepy vibe today. Trip‘s Help Is On The Way out at 3pm.

“Prolly Remix” (Feat. YO Gotti)

With A Crowbar

La Flare and Waka with some fitting visuals for this Halloween day. A favorite off of Trap God.

“Crazy” (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame, Produced by Drumma Boy)

Still A Co-D

Tree and 110% Pure let another anthemic drill-inspired piece go. From his description to me of his work with 110 (Trillin’…in short, “ignant”), this certainly gets pretty deep in the introspective grain of things. This is definitely one that will leave a mark. Trillin’ drops next week.

“What I Want To” (Produced by 110% Pure)

Props to FSD

Bonus: Check the Meet The Plugg 5 mixtape… especially for the last Tye Hill-produced track by Tree.

Should I Cop Me Some Acres?

French Montana and Ricky are the two-headed monster of the harbor over this signature piece of Luger brass triumph. Mac & Cheese 3 shortly.

“Straight Off The Boat” (Feat. Rick Ross, Produced by Lex Luger)

When I Say “Powder!”

Gunplay on his Floridian shit with Whole Slab (formerly Duece Poppi of Slip-N-Slide fame). John Carpenter-type piano lines, stuttering hi-hats, bells, and ’nuff cocaine rap for that face.

“Bust It Down” (Feat. Gunplay)

Gunplay is now home on house arrest and working on a new mixtape entitled Cops N Robbers. Yes!

In My Lane

Scotty with the opening off of The Jiffy Cornbread Experience. One of those perfectly effective songs with visuals to match the synergy between the song title, concept/content, and beat.

“My Granddaddy Car”

Be sure to check Scotty and a slew of others on the recently archived Fresh Out The Box CMJ episode.

Lil Kim Squat

Philly’s Asaad with a jewel of soul-infused, lavish young life rap…but not at all like what you’d think up when first reading that phrase (no Kanye‘isms here…thankfully). The EP certainly carries a crisp celebratory air, but not without a strong substantial undercurrent of cautionary musings to balance things out and keep away from “my life’s like a movie” territory. Completely worth your time in downloading or streaming. Also features the guy GrandeMarshall.

Get the #TROY EP

The Lil Kim reference is also gold. Who didn’t love it?!

Forest Green LeSabre

GrandeMarshall with somethin’ new out the shoebox. That wood grain, bear rug, and brown water shit. In the memory of Chad Butler and Slim Dunkin.

GrandeMarshall “Girls (With Rhythm)” (Produced by GrandeMarshall)

Bonus: Missed this the first time around… post-800 Willie Bobo smooth shit.

GrandeMarshall “Ellie Fox Reprise” (Produced by SamGreenS & Ben Pramuk)

Ski Mask Way

GMANE and Bentley pour out some G fluid over some breezy trunk funk. Possibly my favorite cut off of The American Way EP (produced entirely by C Scale). Directed by the homie Villionaire.

“Smoke N Ride Music” (Feat. Bentley, Produced by C Scale)

Shouts to our GG&G family.

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