Livin’ It

Joe Blow, the Northern California emcee brings this laidback banger titled “Paradise” produced by AK-47 to the table from his recently released M.O.B. (My Other Brother) album, which you can grab here.


Every Corner

DaVinci, the Bay area representative dropped this free EP titled XLIX out of nowhere and it doesn’t disappoint. This’ll hold you over until the anticipated MOEna Lisa album’s released on November 10th. Most of the backdrops were provided by Al Jieh and the Drums and Ammo crew.

Keep My Stove Lit

Fat Trel and Deuce Ducartier say a lot over some heavy bass and synths. Stating the obvious is the trend today…but who cares, this shit knocks.

Deuce Ducartier “Boy I’m Groovy” (Feat. Fat Trel)

You Fuckin’ Liar You

D-Shep out of Miami on some uplifting trappin’. For fans of Future‘s more positive, “living the good life” side.

“Never Be The Same”

Bonus: Something a bit heavier and gruff around the edges.

D-Shep “Show’d Up Show’d Out”

Shouts to Chris Herche

Cause I Say So

Fredo Santana has a mixtape… yup. Another collection of extreme ignance from those crazy GBE kids in Chi-Town. This came out last week, and I initially slept…but then I was tipsy one night and said, “hey why not!” The TM88 cameo on the boards + multiple instances of King L are reason enough to check (at least for those joints).


Happy Family

Young C and Peedi line for line on that Philly knock.

Young Chris “Turn It Up” (Feat. Peedi Crakk)

Like A Pot Roast

Raekwon will be in the next chapter of the Bourne saga. And you will believe every second of it.


Tryna Write A Hook

Chinx Drugz and Frenchie on some Middle Eastern cloud trap shit. TUFF CITY. Don’t mind the other dude on here. COKE BOYZ BABY!

“Buy This Game” (Feat. French Montana)

That’s The Herb

Project Pat (Pattaaaaa) and his potna dem Nasty Mane make on some loud raps. Judging from their track record, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of Belly On Full 2 this October 2, as I feel like this is just a middle-of-the-road type joint.

Project Pat & Nasty Mane “Kush Ups”

Thanks DGB

Pigeons And Crows

Some of the best shit coming out of Atlanta, from two of the best crews of the city.

First up. The sequel to the marvelous Free Bricks, with Future, is en route and will have instead have Young Scooter standing tall waving the FreeBandz flag. Flockaveli pops in to make a Cobain reference that never grows old (if you’re name begins with Waka and ends with Flame).

Gucci Mane x Young Scooter “Hold Your Rollie Up” (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame, Produced by Mike WiLL Made It)

Free Bricks revisited. 10/17 can’t get here soon enough…Trap God!

Gucci Mane “Fuck The World” (Feat. Future, Produced by Mike WiLL Made It)

Young Scooter gets probably the second most brooding’est Zaytoven creation since La Flare‘s “El Chapo.” Street Lottery drops 10/3.

“Road Runners” (Feat. Mr. Fool Up & Killa Skip, Produced by Zaytoven)

The A1/FreeBandz…bandleader…and 1st gunner doing what they do with a big sleazy trap hook to boot.

Future “Where Ya From” (Feat. Young Scooter, Produced by Nard & B.)

And finally, this is so good in so many ways (from Gucci to the beat to the…ahem…visuals)…but shit just instantly elevates to a new level of comedy when Sean steps in. Dogs, the size of your domepiece cannot be paralleled in a game of Mother-Nature’s-head-to-body-proportion-fuck-ups. Wow that’s a funny lookin’ gremlin.

“Brought Them Racks Out”

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