8 Pockets In These Camo Pants

$upaMane unvaults this remake of a classic T.I. joint/DJ Toomp production with Atlanta’s own Scotty and Belvee. Was that a McNairy reference Scotty?

$upaMane “Be Easy 2012” (Feat. Scotty ATL & Belvee, Produced by DJ Toomp)

My Trophy

KD, one of our favorites in supplying that top-down, high caliber country rap tune’age, churns up yet another one for the trunks with extra strength rattle and extra smooth six-string samurai work courtesy of DJ Burn One.

KD “My Type Of Bitch” (Produced by DJ Burn One)

Also! We’re glad to announce that Burn One will be the guest on tomorrow night’s Fresh Out The Box…730-930pm EST.

Props to DGB

Fuck My Fame Up

Main Attrakionz and fellow Yay Area repper DaVinci make something special happen for their area. Bossalinis & Foolyones coming October 22nd.

Main Attrakionz “Do It For The Yay” (Feat. DaVinci, Produced by Harry Fraud)

Props Steady Bloggin’ for the OG song title.

Sex With Erykah Badu

Fat Trel on some more seasonal shit built for the yacht (that wasn’t originally his, but he’s damned good at making people forget that).

Fat Trel “Zonin'” (Produced by Dr. Dre)

Like White Niggas In NBA Jam

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire rolls through an “underground den of debauchery” to find the best fitting handful of visuals (and other things) to further liven up this spectacular ode to upward progression (over a 50 Cent joint, no less).

“Position Of Passion”

By The Toothpicks

If Gucci is selling this as the result of lurking around in aisle 9 of Publix, their stock just went the fuck up, as well as the hired muscle in their security detail. One of those 3:49am shake junt, trap love ballads.

“Wish You Would” (Feat. Verse Simmons)

Jack Boy Chatter

Gunplay needs to be famous. I usually avoid “a day in the life of” video clips, but knowing a little of what Don Logan is capable of was something magnetic between my clicker finger and the “play” button…and this shit is straight antics and entertainment for the whole family! If you like rappers who are dead serious with their message and craft, yet aren’t “too cool for school” when outside of the booth (or inside, for that matter)…then you WILL enjoy this.

Also features music video to a freestyle over Yo Gotti‘s “I Got That Sack.” TUFF CITY.

Puttin’ On A Show

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul further pushing forward in their combined murk rap sound (not THAT kind of “murk”…unless it is self-directed, perhaps) with this project. A certain change of pace from Haleek‘s wrist-slitting Oxyconteen EP, but still very much in a candle lit, wet-walled zone of emotional devastation rap. Some real brow-raising cameos, especially that of Tree (twice times!) and the Green Ova headliners (MondreM.A.N., Squadda B, and Shady Blaze, who appear in their own respective space).

Get, but don’t kiss, the Chrome Lips

No Money Cause You Need White Bitches

A$AP Mob in full force here! I have to say, I’m rather impressed by the presentation (one of A$AP‘s strongpoints since the jump) and tracklisting, especially on the side of production and guests (I guess they beat us to making the idea of Gunplay and Danny Brown on the same damn track a reality…AND one-upped it by adding Fat Trel to the mix).


Anyways, you know you want to…get Lord$ Never Worry

I Just Got My Teeth Fixed

YP calls for that “King sound.” Too many quotables from Louie on this. Man Up, Band Up.

YP “Rub A Dub” (Feat. King Louie, Produced by C-Sick)

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