Nightmares Mid-Day

Scotty with some cool ass visuals to one of the coldest country rap tunes you’ve heard in a damn long time. Like Sade on a Brazilian family’s porch…in ATL. Off of the super-solid Jiffy Cornbread Experience.

“Honey Jack Daniels” (Produced by Soundtrakk, 1120 & DJ Burn One)

Pass The Blunt To Mariah

Gucci not only earns himself the deed to this Trouble joint by outperforming everyone, including the beat itself, but manages to further cement his spot as the best “name drop rap” rapper (simply because he’s obviously not doing it in a co-sign’y, “hey look who I have snapped a random photo with…we are totally close friends and exchange meringue pie recipes,” The Game sorta way).

“You Don’t Deserve That Remix” (Feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko & Travis Porter)

Bonus: Gucci and Jahlil Beats seem a bit better as a match on, and apparently off, paper. Pause. Ignore the other guy cause that’s what you’ve been doing for years now.

Tony Yayo “2 Girls” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

Like You’re Being Knighted

Denmark Vessey swoops down from his Crown Nation nest somewhere high up in the mountains (of Detroit???) and drops this little EP off in the center of the Internet. Features his brothers in Crown. Plenty of smoker’s anthems (whether that be bogies or tree).

Get yourself the I’d Rather Be Making Bread EP

Waist For The Yamean

Philly’s Chico links with (the other) SP in a mid-2000’s, corner store rap collabo dream-come-true. This has been an inevitable pairing for a long time now, as The Ghost‘s influence on Chic Raw has drawn numerous comparisons, and even references in the bars of the Top Shottas leader, since the days of 2 Raw For Da Streets.

“Root Of All Evil” (Feat. Styles P)

Bonus: The good ole days of 2 Raw and Chic spazzin’. Circa 2003.


ScHoolboy Q with another one off of Habits & Contradictions. Bucket head gang.

“There He Go” (Produced by Sounwave)

Shout Out To Drugs

King L makes sure you see how he feels with one of the druggiest songs he’s ever made. His loose flow, with a seemingly non-structured rhyme scheme, over that brood rap beat? Man! One of the favorites off of the packed Showtime.

“High” (Feat. WaMu)

I Should Have A Bar Code

Gucci Mane completely abuses this distorted trudger with nothing but fine-wine-in-a-golden-Pyrex-goblet language. Off of La Flare‘s I’m Up mixtape.

“Super Cocky” (Produced by Young Chop)


Dirt In The Hood

B.G. is a voice far too seldom heard these days. Shit, imagine him over some of these larger-than-life, trapezoidal productions…whoa. Well, since it looks like we’re still not gonna hear much from him…our peoples over at DGB let this unreleased joint go. Certainly NOT anything close to the 808-coated, fanfaric doomsday shit as previously described…but still…it’s Gizzle.

B.G. “Too Hood” (Feat. Michael Stokes)

My Hood The Everglades

MMG‘s most-skilled assailant and boss (bawse) feed you their take on Future‘s trap-anthem. It’s just good to see Gun at a higher frequency these days.

“Same Damn Time MMG Remix” (Feat. Gunplay & Rick Ross)

Like Etta James

G-Side and (the artist still known as) John Turner Jr. are a scary sight! No, but they are a well-oiled machine when put together to let their respective creatives flourish. Turner is in the director chair for this one as the trio gives us a short glimpse into G.

Bonus: The good folks over at Steady Bloggin’, who happen to be purveyors of only the most top-shelf in Chopped & Screwed outings, recently dropped a project featuring nothin’ but G-Side joints that have taken on said top-shelf properties, as treated by Trappadon. As if their music wasn’t already heady enough.

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