I Think I’m David Blaine, Chris Angel

Meek Mill is an incredible rapper. What starts off as “I heard this song before,” with a trap beat that’s an “up to par trap beat” and a Rick Ross typically styled hook that causes one to sense deja vu. All goes away when Meek starts rhyming. Now that’s magic.

Update: Video time…

“Black Magic”

Ross might have overreached on the hook. Big Meech, Larry Hoover– sure; David Copperfield, just not the same ring.

Like Two Horns

King Louie shows that even the most brazen member of the drilluminati needs some down time. Now, this may throw you off at first, but much like the substances you’ll see whilst watching this video…just give it a minute…let it work its magic…it’s a pretty effect in the end.

“Po Up Slo” (Feat. Leek)

Leakin’ On My Leather

Face Vega has been in lab quite a bit lately…working “alongside” (via Internet proxy) Gila Monsta to complete their Gorgeous Children full-length (that we’re putting out…one of a handful for the year), working on email to remind me how much I’ve been slow-assin’ on gettin’ him a beat, and working on random loosies to build into the sequel to his warmly-received Black Lodge project. With all that said and done, here’s the title track to that second chapter.

“Black Lodge Pt. 2” (Produced by Spetalsk)

Bonus: Missed this because some people (ahem ahem) failed to inform me that it happened. Face over one of my favorite Gila joints off of his Shed Skin Part 1 instrumental album.

“Cold Kutz Freestyle” (Produced by Gila Monsta)

Comin’ Through Your Window

We had G-Side return to BK to further cement that “second home” feeling with a two-night live experience (we’re not just a blog, ya know)…and damn, did they leave their stamp on the minds of friends and fans alike! I mean really. First was a block party-gone-inside show at a ping pong and artspace in Williamsburg…then a loft rager in Bushwick (their first official house party performance). Two different worlds, meet the G’s…and vice versa.

The following is from the latter, held at the Slumerican loft (what up Newport!). I was somehow elected to be the DJ for the Huntsville duo…and it was nothing short of a pleasure (as you can see by my random, in-the-moment facial expressions). More footy on the way too!

Huge huge huge familial shouts to G-Side, CP, Mali, the whole SMS, Ballers Eve, Slumerican, Steady Bloggin’, Dirty Glove Bastard/Bedford-La Brea-Biscayne, BBOX Radio, Mike Machinist, the rest of our PTP fams who put in work, and everyone who came through. Couldn’t have done it without any of you.

For a few more photos, head over to sdotpdot’s site.

Bonus: Unreleased shit courtesy of Alex Steady B. ST and the SMS rapstress over a Clams beat? We’ll take two of those, thank you very much.

ST 2 Lettaz & S.L.A.S.H. “Killa” (Produced by Clams Casino)

Double Bonus: A new burner from the G’s with fellow Slow Mo crime partners, Kristmas and Bentley. You will definitely notice the continued shift toward harder-edged production (read: “trap rap”…as prefaced with “Meta Peace” and Clova’s “Murder”), yet even without a backing of ethereal trunk funk grandiosity (that which headlined both the Cohesive and iSLAND albums), this still maintains a uniqueness with their patented mold of nu-UGK working chemistry and higher echelon lyricism.

G-Side “D. Wade” (Feat. Kristmas & Bentley)

It Ain’t Weed

More new Tree visuals with fellow Windy City neighbor, Jig Dolla. Straight and to the point. Another banger though. #SoulTrap

“Prolly” (Feat. Jig Dolla, Produced by Tree)

Stepped On A Banana Peel

Gangsta Gibbs and Madlib continue to whip some of the tastiest product out on the strip. A smooth turn from the last time we heard the two together…but regardless, it works. One of the most anticipated projects of 2012 ’round chyea.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Shame” (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Produced by Madlib)

Trained Behavior

One of Stalley‘s best joints gets the visual treatment…by our mans Kellen Dengler. Good to see that a MMG imprinting doesn’t change that working relationship. Off of Savage Journey To The American Dream.

“City Of 30,000 Wolves” (Produced by DJ Toomp)

Bonus: In case you missed it, Lex remixed “Everything New”…

Stalley “Everything New Lex Luger Remix” (Produced by Lex Luger)

I’m Like Bobby

Juicy J gets mystically trippy with this one. The closest he’ll get to making “cloud rap.”

“Codeine Cups”

No Jingles

Tequila Pedro (aka Peedi Crakk) is most likely better than your top 5, dead or alive…combined. Crakk Files 5 is supposed to be out on July 30th.

“M.O.R. What Up”

Still Throw Copper

UPDATE: Video is out.

“Power Circle”

Old Post:

The MMG Self Made 2 intro/posse cut. Features (easily) one of the best verses on the whole release…not by Kendrick Lamar…but by Gunplay (second time this has happened on songs featuring both of those guys). ‘Nuff said. Pretty good song, overall.

That album cover gets no shine around these parts…how’s Gun been on the MMG imprint before any of these dudes, and on two joints, yet is nowhere to be seen while the kid from Immature makes front page?! Fuckery.

Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross “Power Circle” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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