In The Same Day

Stalley gives the people some tuff bars over an Alchemist burner on Invasion Radio. Savage Journey is out now and is great.

Keep Runnin’ From Me

Zilla is a fuckin’ monster (hence the name?) and The Block Beattaz continue to prove how utterly innovative and otherworldly their sound can be. This is straight G shit, but without the typical trap conventions as heard on practically every other Southern/Southern-influenced release that’s come out since the Lil Jon Crunk/Jeezy Thug Motivation era.


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Because I Gotta Live It

Ka, whilst posted up in front of the old Fat Beats location, seemed unaffected by the joint-aching, seasonal bluster of that Saturday afternoon. The artist responsible for Grief Pedigree was clearly determined to not only hand-to-hand move units of said album in wax and compact disc form, but more principally, also meet and shake hands with the people who’ve supported his craft up to this point. Slowly, the one-man pop shop turned into a large, sidewalk obstructing huddle of various walks of life; all of whom shared an appreciation for a side of our culture and art which has been seldom witnessed in this post-2000 digital music wormhole. Luckily, I had enough hindsight to ask Ka if I could throw a camera into the mix, while questions cut through the mechanical noise. He was kind enough to entertain that request.

Ka covered how he linked up with Roc Marciano and their upcoming joint-Metal Clergy album entitled Piece Be With You; his progression from Natural Elements and Night Breed to now being a part of a “new New York” movement; the “moments in life” rhyme writing approach; being schooled by the likes of Charlemagne and Roc in the realm of production; Sade‘s influence; and the Grief Pedigree .45 slug.

Note: Weather and street conditions weren’t the most ideal for taping, but heads trooped it out on some “by any means necessary” shit, naturally.

Ultimately, this is the video companion to Passion Of The Weiss’ grand interview piece with Ka (by our brother, Alex Piyevsky, of Steady Bloggin’ fame). Head over there to read more about the Brownsvillain’s personal history, writing process, and a whole lot more.

Ka’s self-produced Grief Pedigree album is available for purchase online, as well as at Big City Records in NYC.

Big up Ka, Alex, PotW, and my PTP fams Note and MUMMZ…plus the numerous heads who came through and showed love that memorable day.

That Life

Stalley‘s Savage Journey To The American Dream. Big ideas in rhyme-form channeled over face-breaking production handled by The Block Beattaz. Additional sonics by Chad Hugo, Chuck Inglish, and Soundtrakk.

Download SJTTAD now

Bonus: The video to the Chuck Inglish-produced, Rick Ross-featuring bonus track. Nightlife musical.

Hard On That 95 North

Troy Ave exhibits more “drug dealer swag” rap. Another favorite off of Bricks In My Backpack 2.

“The Town” (Feat. Avon Blocksdale, Push! & Wink Loc)

Weigh My Pain

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire blessed Tony Toca with some new raps. New BK external hard rock/internal pain raps.

Bonjour, I’m Out There

Danny Brown talks car accident money and eating hot dogs…then lets a few bars go on VICE‘s new music channel, Noisey.

Til Ya Coupe Spin

Kool G Rap wins. And he’s rhyming over Jimmy Castor. Nobody can rap at this high rate of BPM’age on that gritty NYC shit like G Rap. Just stop it.

“Men At Work 2020” (Feat. Nutso, R.I., F.T., Ras Kass, Action Bronson & Necro, Produced by Domingo)

What About That Kid On The Bus?

ScHoolboy Q airs this the fuck out…from an introspective angle, even! Duke is dealing with “levels” here…his flow switch/control mixed with his signature, possessed delivery is a rap potency seldom witnessed these days (well, it’s obviously coming back into motion again, finally). LEVELS!

ScHoolboy Q “Brainstorm Freestyle”

Old Problems

Tree Sunday School double-feature. Between these two videos, one gets a pretty good picture painted of what the Chi-Town growler holds as life’s necessities…and we pretty much agree, wholeheartedly. Both soul (music) twisting productions by the man himself, and just two snippets off of a phenomenal project.

“Call Me”


Once again, big up my man Alex Steady Bleezy.

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