Build With The Guild

Dirty Jerz reppers BLKWHL outta the Coup De La click bring this release BLK Fuego, packed with dark backdrops and complimentary rhymings. We some 212 muh’fuckas but give spins to anyone that’s due up. Peace to the god super elusive super producer EPMDenny for putting me on.

Fuck Every Other Letter

Our mans ZachG makes music like a motherfucking machine. Must be that Bay Area water or the weed or somethin’. This one has been one of the finest in the already-deep, frequently updated Rad Reef catalog so far (though, I won’t front, I’m still diggin’ through it). Left Leberra and Zach on raps, whilst Zach makes the sounds come together for the raps. #JIGGAVOICE (I literally fell out in drunken laughter right now)!!!

Never Again

Main Attrakionz stays at it, linking up with the Swedish electronic group Lo-Fi-Fnk for this cut’s remix. If you’re in the tri-state area, they’re doing two shows this week. Sunday night at Glasslands and Monday night at Webster Hall. The god Ragazino Sr. will also be in attendance at the second show.

Lo-Fi-Fnk “Kissing Taste” (Main Attrakionz Remix)

Under Them Squad Lights

Slash tells a detailed piece or two of harsh reality, and does it damn well, over some Beattaz Nu G-Funk. Off of her upcoming album, Cinderella Story. G-Mane, Bentley, and PT ride through to spit added game.

Slash “Oxygen” (Feat. G-Mane, Bentley, & PT, Produced by The Block Beattaz)

Big up Codie G.

By The G Code

Huntsville’s own Dizzy D calls for another well-known Huntsvillain to assist him in a caper, SMS‘ own Zilla. Big beat provided by Bossman of the Block Beattaz. This is a bonus off of D’s The Huntsvillain.

Dizzy D “Medicated” (Feat. Zilla, Produced by Bossman)

Flip A Brick Today

New night-cloud-riding bidness by DaVinci, Dieselino, and Squadda B. If you’re gonna flip the early 80’s R&B steez…it’s gotta be some smooth polished shit like this. Bout to hop in the whip just to blast this! Off of the upcoming SWTBRDS Presents: Amongst Wolves.

DaVinci, Dieselino, & Squadda B “Top Shelf” (Produced by Big D)

Peace to my g Alex.

This Was Allah’s Wish

Roc Marci, a man often heard/barely seen, takes a minute and change to switch up his M.O. and speak on Reloaded. Taken during the filming of his “Emeralds” video.

Q-Tip is mixing the album. Whoa.

Laughed And Ate Brisket

Action and Party Supplies have recently been blessing the masses with fragments of their sample-clearance nightmare called Blue Chips. Here’s some live performance type stuff with Party live-looping (and hook bringing) on the MPC 1000 while Bronson…raps. Blue Chips drops March 12th.

Here’s what the Queens rapper guy says about the project’s concept:

Blue Chips is a project that allows me to give something back to all the people who have been supporting me during the last year. Party Supplies and myself linked up in the late fall and over the span of a few weeks created this project entirely off the cuff. We didn’t over think it, we just had fun making music with no pressures of making a “hit song”, clearing of samples or sales expectations. Thanks to the good people over at Reebok and our friends at Complex we are able to give it away to our fans for the nice price of Free.99. We look at this as a thank you of sorts to all the people who rock with us.

…nothing new, as Wu (Ghost & Rae in particular), plus the heap of today’s minimalist rappers, have done plenty of straight looping shit to give industry legalities the finger…but certainly great when it challenges the expected/standard aesthetic of the featured artist(s). I have confidence, from the joints already leaked, that this will fall in as my favorite Action release…without question.

Cereal Bowls

Some old Rae mixtape shit that got rehashed and converted into a Cappadonna joint. This isn’t new at all…and was probably shot off of cab driver tips (straight late-90’s MNN public access video steez). I’m really posting this because I’ve never seen this, and Rae kills it…but even more so for my man Mondee. Did he get another beat of his jacked…or not? Hard to say, cause you know, there was a period during the early-2000’s where that Suspiria sample was not such a rare occurrence.

“Life’s A Gamble” (Feat. Raekwon & Rutchet Rush)

Big up GrandGood for this.

Black Bush

Stalley with another one! Some sophisticated, brown water, smooth criminal trunk funk…especially with that early-mid 80’s electrofunk bass synth. Blame the Block Beattaz for any tickets you may acquire off of impeding traffic while driving slow to this.

Stalley “Volley Express” (Feat. Scar, Produced by The Block Beattaz)

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