Nobody Told Me

G Side, the duo responsible for one of our favorite albums of ’11 made their way over to Sundance and ABC News caught up with them for an interview. Power moves 2012. Peace to the whole SMS camp, the quality work rate’s been crazy — they definitely need to make a trip to Fresh Out The Box.

And if any of you film people want to fly out PTP to Sundance next year, that’s cool. We’re film heads too. And we would’ve taken passes to 2012’s The Ambassador, Detropia, Elena, and Finding North.

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Peace to Alex at Steady Bloggin.

Stressed Out Like Raheem

Last week we hit you off with a joint by Mook and Ace Boogie from the 4Starz camp outta Detroit. They’ve got another release out that deserves some spins in your deck too, once again accompanied by bangin production from Ace Boogie. Check the whole album here, and one of my preferred joints off the LP below.

Dice “Juice” (Prod. by Ace Boogie)

Different Day, Same Cops

If you’ve been listening to FOTB, you’ve been hearing tunes from across the Atlantic thrown in the mix … we’re on that grime and road rap shit too. PTP familia Sam Leezy recently put us onto the artist Rootsman from East London. This cut’s from the upcoming project On A Next Route, scheduled to drop in March.

“Fuck Rap” (Feat. Colours)

Like Cobalt Blue

Maffew Ragazino will not rhyme, live, on radio again in 2012! This is what he promised after airing out shit when the CICO gang stopped by FOTB Radio last Thursday, again. After him and Sha Banga shot the shit with us for the span of the show’s 2-hour airtime, our listeners were presented with the start of a monstrous Ragazino freestyle, which then got cut short by the clock. The following is documented proof of our fearless trek beyond the fading of the red light…as we kept our own devices on task for the rest of Maff’s rhyme flurry…and then some.

Fresh Out The Box airs every Thursday evening, 7:30PM-9:30PM EST, on BBOX Radio.

Ashes Out The Sun Roof

Chris Gr3en, an up and coming emcee/producer from Ohio dropped a new joint tonight with the accomplice Prince Golden. This is the first single off their upcoming project GRE3N/Gold. And peace to any artist that crafts a beat using a sample from Streets of Rage 2 (on “Rock My Crown”). Arguably my favorite game in the history of all games n shit. Check out his solo mixtape.

Ain’t Slept In Weeks

Mikkey Halsted‘s next project The Force comes equipped with production strictly from his hometown brednrens No I.D. and Traxster. And check this interview with all three for insights on the Chi’s music scene, how the project came about, and audio previews.

Mikkey Halsted “My City (Chicago)” (Feat. Sincere, Prod. by No I.D.)

Out Your Shoes

Sometimes we all need a break from the highly academic and technically-sound rap outings. Maybe it’s me discovering the whole “new 20” aspect of my current age, but I feel like most everyone can benefit from a hearty balance of rap vitamins and minerals…the latter of which being succinctly ignorant-as-it-is-aggressive. If you’ve had a long day, during which you earned a parking ticket and happened to spread the entire meal you spent an hour cooking onto your antique war rug, the last thing you need is to be tempted into thinking scholarly thoughts. Get you some non-conventional, hammer brandishing, slow‘ish, slimeball steez over the foreboding chant of some synthesized horns and skull numbing, subsonic frequencies.

The usual offerings from Atlanta/Miami/Houston/New Orleans, and even Memphis, just seem too polished? Try Chi-Town, and look no further than a talented young man by the name of Chief Keef. Think a finest-points blend of Waka‘s troglodytic, I-won’t-let-a-wall-stop-me-from-walking-a-straight-line, vocal booth loom and Lil B‘s ADHD-kid-on-a-tall-cup-of-lean, slurred thought whimsy, with the lumbering aggression of benchmark-level UK Road Rap…all of which carry a similar adoration for conversational background ad-libs.

“Bang” (Produced by DJ Kenn, Directed by DGainz)

There’s definitely something completely endearing about how the end product reads on the audio canvas…especially the combo of son’s half-present demeanor while delivering some rather serious promises over the snare stutter/cymbal crash parade that is DJ Kenn‘s beat (that whole “moving, while not quite going anywhere” stop-go drum work). But I’m also supremely traumed right now, and this simply fulfills my recently achieved set of processing criteria.

Oh wait, there’s also a full mixtape. There we go.

Propers to The Fader via Danny Brown.

All About Love

Quelle Chris is apparently up to his old-new tricks again…in that the man never ceases to kick out the windows of whatever creative log cabin he’s decided to hibernate in, for that weekend. Bones For Girls. Full proof on January 31st.

The End Has Come

ScHoolBoy Q drags his already-dark-as-fuck neighborhood anthem through the shadows of the most ominous of never-to-be-chartered-alone alleyways. The-world-is-a-horror-movie rap (wihout any gimmick’y horrorcore content). Straight up, this is essential Q…in that he shows every reason, within a single song, as to why you should be well-acclimated to his manic, self-warring, speedball poetics. Shit is paranoid as it is titanium-hearted. Off of the PTP-favorite for 2012, Habits & Contradictions.

“Nightmare On Figg St.” (Produced by A$AP Ty Beats)

Movin’ Like Robots

Main Attrakionz‘ own MondreM.A.N. drops two completely endorsement-worthy, Sam Fuller-directed visuals allowing for an even more insightful journey into the mind behind that end-year SLAMMER with DreamCollabo: M.A.N..

First up, is my shit! As others in our circle have recently noted, while the MAz sound is usually grouped in with reverb-drenched, subwoofer gutting etherea (guilty as charged, but now calling this “lucid dream rap”), they sometimes blindside us with more conventional (for them) production choices. This contrast is 1. always welcome, and 2. always works…if EPMDenny is at the boards. This shit is straight Whodini-meets-Rene & Angela-analog-electro-funk-bass-synths…perfect for that night ride.

“Belly Of The Beast” (Produced by EPMDenny)

Next, on some bonus material’esque footage, we get a semi-music video to the Keyboard Kid-produced “Cloud”…in which the camera catches Mondre in the act of “creation zone mode” and laying down a bit of the joint’s vocals. Just dope to see a well-shot/well-edited video focusing on this part of the process, while not trying to come off as an BTS, expose of sorts. Peace to RC cars and writing raps on paper.

“Cloud” (Produced by Keyboard Kid)

Shouts to all of the parties involved!

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