Before I Check Out

For all you digital completist, crazy external hard drives piled up in the corner type of muh’fuckas … Freddie Gibbs just released a treat seldom crossed nowadays: a lyric book for his Cold Day In Hell tape, as a PDF for digital life convenience. Scoop it here.

Makin’ History

Shady Blaze, the rapid fire emcee out of the Green Ova camp has new visuals to accompany this Blessed Or Cursed track. And if you haven’t peeped yet, do your life a favor and check his release, Rappers Ain’t Shit Without A Producer.

“Stars Will Light Away”

Peace to Main Attrakionz too.

Bail Paper

Raekwon‘s Unexpected Victory drops on January 1st. Check the first leak off the mixtape.

Raekwon “This Shit Hard” (Feat. L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Dion Primo)

Option’s Non Existent

Danny Brown leaked a cut that didn’t make the final release of XXX, the concept’s similar to “Fields” — going in on problems with the D, plus a side of personal issues, but the difference in comparison to the rest of the LP is that soulful hook.

Danny Brown “Tomorrow”


Clams Casino has done a great deal of work this year in securing his name as a go-to guy for that lo-fi, “in the center of your mind” production. Here’s a newly mastered version of his Instrumentals album…which is a bit of a sonic oxymoron in itself (mastered, yet lo-fi????????). Enjoy this with a fine joint while watching The Seventh Seal on mute.

Here’s a little example from Instrumentals that you may recognize:

Clams Casino “Numb”

Clams Casino Instrumentals (Mastered)

Bonus: This is the first time I have listened to The Weeknd. Clams laced the beat. Makes things interesting. There you go.

The Weeknd “The Fall” (Produced by Clams Casino)

Not A Broom

Boog Nice is a name you will find much joy in repeating very soon, if not already. This is footage of his recent 20+ minute rap spiel on Fresh Out The Box. It’s the very end…fuck my iFlip for not wanting to be responsive in the hands of my ace Note D (who would’ve captured the whole thing). Harlem is home!

We posted the entire episode a few days ago, which was a banger as it featured some very special exclusives from some PTP favorites, but here’s this, if you prefer:

Boog Nice “FOTB Hannukwanzmas Freestyle”

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real gimmicks attached to the guy, unless you think otherwise about his deeply rooted comic book and action figure collector’isms (dude’s actually the online community’s figurehead via YouTube…no pun)…so all you’ve got to judge and remember him by is his handshake (or his slap hand…but we would never wish that upon any of you), his subcultural contributions to the comic book world, and most recently, his music (if you’ve been listening to the radio show, you would’ve noticed a stashbox classic from him randomly popping up on various episodes).

Bonus: Here’s the latest ep in MTIT; a behind the scenes web series he does between A.C.B.A. related videos and what not. Footage of the radio station invasion and raiding K-Town of it’s barbecued goods with familia at the 17:03 mark. No one is fuckin’ with my man’s action figure steez though!

Follow Boog. Big up my whole KUZO mob. EP on the way.

Went Stupid With The Music

Squadda B, other half of the D.I.Y. cloud specialists Main Attrakionz, follows on his potna’s heels with a new solo project, Back $ellin’ Crack. X-mas ain’t over, it’s Green Ova.

Features by tight family strictly: MondreM.A.N., Shady Blaze, and Danny Brown.

So incredibly worth your 5 beans for the “Van Halen” joint and the burner with Danny and Shady alone. WOW!

Don’t Box Him In!

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire gave you some eX-Mas goodies…now we’re following suit with live footage from his December 6 set at the Glasslands, BKNY. eXqo and the Peel Off committee went AWOL on stage, once again. Drinks were flown, people almost trampled, mosh pits had, rap words yelled, but most of all, the attention of a packed room full of seemingly equal parts guy/girl was well-earned.

Other than the live as shit show eX and co. put on, the other highlight was the few joints we haven’t seen performed before: the “March 9th Freestyle” (or “What’s Beef”), “The Rocketeer” (I believe he premiered this El-P laced joint that night, available on the eX-MAS mixtape), and “No Time”, which not only is a ridiculous flood of words to repeat in a live setting, but also features the linguistic talents of his always seen/seldom heard, right-hand man (and cuzo), Goldie Glo.

“Michael Dudikoff” & “Fire Marshall Bill”

Apologizing to Note D for putting him on the spot re: his “favorite pussy”, “No Time” (Feat. Goldie Glo), & “Huzzah”

“Lou Ferigno’s Mad”, “The Rocketeer”, “March 9th Freestyle”, & “Build-A-Bitch”

Peace to the entire Peel Off, Note, Mummz, Alex, & G-Side!

Most Of These People Don’t Even Know Me

New Bandana P? Perhaps something for HNIC3? Either way, shit’s that hard, dark, gutter’y M-O-B-B bidness that we live for.

Prodigy “When U Up”

Tough Road You Got This Year

eX-Mas is here! Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire donned the Santa suit and pulled this out of his 40-belows. You heard a good few of these on some Purpinatiiii, thugsclusive shit via the last few episodes of Fresh Out The Box (plus two videos)…now you have the mixed down, crispy version to blast while you make snow angels with your nose as you attempt to snort away your consumer guilt. I think this is a new low, Chet. The kids are right there, watching you. The Santa Clause 2 ended a while ago, and they didn’t find Tim Allen very convincing…now they’re really not smiling anymore.

For the rest of us, enjoy and don’t mix the Georgi with the eggnog.


1. The Gold Watch (Prod. by Captin Planit)
2. Two 22’s b/w Twenty Two 2’s (Prod. by Necro & Me Nigga)
3. Huzzah 2 ft. Heron (Prod. by The Legendary Mr. Len)
4. The Rocketeer (Prod. by The Oh So Wise El-P)
5. Killah Tofu ft. Danny Brown (Prod. by CONSTROBUZ)
6. Patches (Prod. by BoweryBeats)
7. S.C.U.M (Prod. by BoweryBeats)
8. Mau Mau ft. Maffew Ragazino (Prod. by TCOR)
9. Biggie Tribute with Dallas Tha Kid
10. RIP Payso (Prod. by one of them A$AP niggaz i forgot)
11. Devil’s Pie with Goldie Glo (Prod. by Cartoon Network)
12. No Remorse (Prod. by BoweryBeats)
13. Nightmare on Fed Street with Troy Ave
14. Power U PT. 2 ft. Dallas Tha Kid (Prod. by Me Nigga)
15. Drunken Freestyle With Trax (Prod. by Beat-Maker-Beat)

Download Merry eX-Mas & Suck My Dick

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