What I’ma Do

Mr. MFN eXquire‘s featured on the second episode of Shabazz‘s video series, Verbal Intercourse. The emcee goes into detail about the ideas behind his album Lost In Translation, his upbringing in Crown Heights, his beef with the Brooklyn Nets (I fully co-sign this — Knicks all day), basement strip clubs, and future work with The Alchemist. It’s the Brooklyn way.

Holy Water

Apparently, Schoolboy Q invented the subsubgenre “demon dub”…word?!? The softest shit about this is the ending…and that hurts. You try doing wild drugs, questioning your purpose on this shitty planet, and going to sleep with guns, while mixing in witchcraft candles…in any order.

HABITS & Contradictions is turning out to be quite the sonic experience.


Save Me Some

Schoolboy Q continues the psychedelia trip shit. Shit is on some college party shit…but on acid…and some other shit in pill form. But yeah, definitely college, as that explains a certain rapper’s cameo in this.

Anyway, this is off of Q’s Setbacks…some thoroughly great listening if you ask us.

“To The Beat (F’d Up)”

Tap The Vein

ASAP Rocky gives us a first person perspective (think beer drug goggles) on what he sees around him when it gets dark. Get that LiveLoveA$AP. Clams bodied this beat.

“Demons” (Produced by Clams Casino)

The Crew Days

Young C goes to class on these fools. Video is pretty funny, too. One of our picks off of The Revival.

“Class Is In Session” (Produced by Cardiak)

With The Clipper

Two recent Prodigy cameo verses. Both show off more of that Banana Clip P shit.

Trav “Running From” (Feat. Prodigy)

Riz “Never Scared” (Feat. Prodigy)

I’m From New York

Maff is this month’s Unsigned Hype. The following is just a minute example as to why the kid from Brownsville is featured in, what some would call, the most legitimate section of The Source.

“Unsigned Hype Freestyle”

Congrats to the entire C.I.C.O. fam.

So Much Trouble On My Mind

With all of this Occupy movement stuff taking major lefts and rights…culminations and what not…I feel that it’s the perfect time to post evidence that even the Deuce was not safe from OCCUPY‘ATION! No, really…my co-d Note and I put our socio-political energy to work in trying to serve up some highly explosive molotov platters for your ears to list in this most recent ep of Forty Deuce.

No celebrities, no bullshit (no pun, maybe), just revolutionary funk and soul biscuits; backwards politics, war, drugs, surviving in the forgotten nooks of the inner city, and, ultimately, uniting to reach new heights as a human collective.

Perhaps the message in the music here will help kick some much-needed sense of forward direction into the lot of you “simply just sign holding” motherfuckers (probably not).

Stream Forty Deuce‘s Occupy42 Episode, Feat. Geng-Grizzly and Note D (November 9, 2011)

Coincidentally, there was a union of unseeable crate digging talent formed in the Forty ‘Gloo Clubhouse (East Village Radio) at the time of this set. Peace to all of our 42 Fams who were part of the movement: Gee, Keene, Wolf, Large Pro (thanks for making us blast this into the street), Oskar Mann (Never Not Working crew), Capital Pete & OG Chino (The Block crew), Schott Free & Matty C (Frozen Files crew), Nasty (4Word!), Vargucci, etc.

Even with the apparent “live rawness”/slight imperfections, I’m pretty fucking proud of this set. It’s certainly up to par with our last appearance, and that was one of my biggest concerns.

Brain Feels Ten Pounds Heavier

Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky (and co.) lurk in the shadows, leaving nothing but empty bottles of Colt 4-fever and an endless trail of some pungent, ominously-swaying fog that would make John Carpenter piss his pants. I couldn’t have envisioned a better visual treatment to the heavyset, twisted sonics of this favorite off of XXX. Kudos to young Rocky and The ICU for their directorial talents.

“Blunt After Blunt” (Produced by Skywlkr)

I Only Killed One Bitch

CHIP$ Castro‘s Couch Potato has been thoroughly enjoyed around the PTP lab (with individual selections played on Fresh Out The Box practically every week). This stays as one of the favorites on there, but what’s crazier is that we didn’t realize the tightly-wound concept behind the song’s title, not until after seeing the video! It could have very well stood as another “I’m iller than you” rap outing…but now we find out that sir CHIP$ was onto something way heavier, and referentially sound, than previously noted. Nothing like a little hometown political controversy/commentary, in disrespectful rap form!

“Manoogian Memoirs” (Produced by Skywlkr)

Free CHIP$.

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