Can’t Run

Mondee, DJ and producer extraordinaire from our Boundless familia hits the listeners off with a mix for the occasion. A blend of hip-hop, film clips, and album skits — something to blast in the whip while launching eggs at douches in poorly thought out costumes.

Monsta Mash Out by mondee

Purple Swag

Trick or treat?! This post is especially for the kids on this Hallow’s Eve, man…A$AP Rocky‘s highly-anticipated album/mixtape, LiveLoveASAP. Try not to spill your nutcracker or Olde Eng when bumpin’ this at Oak or Opening Ceremony.

Edit: New download link.



Death To All Of Ya’ll

Young Chris and Cardiak drop their new project, The Revival. Thankfully, us long-time State Prop/YG’z supporters can rejoice as this album is a return to a more aggressive, street-hustle-struggle aesthetic (and/or subject matter). No more Miami nightlife stuff (sorry ladies), with the exception of “So Fly” and “Straight Shots” (go fig), this is pretty much straight Philly blocks and houses (i.e. home invasion)…with a little of that Southern wavy shit you kids like so much. Plenty of good cameos throughout, with exceptional performances by our favorite SP Chain Gang members; Peedi Crakk, Beanie Sigel, Omillio Sparks, and Freeway. I’m not going to post any stand-outs right now, mostly because I’ll be playing a shitload of them on Fresh Out The Box this week and next (and next)…and also because the whole thing is just a click away.

Download The Revival

Graphical tracklist:

Heavy In The Jungle

Bang! Quelle Chris returns with a motion picture treatment to the lead single off of Shotgun & Sleek Rifle. Some more of that traumed-up jazz over dusty drums…with wordplay and delivery to match. Chew on this until November 15th, when the album drops…or, better yet, pre-order that bitch right now via Fat Beats (yes, buying a physical copy!).

“Symbolic (Basquiat)” (Feat. Denmark)

Quelle, whatupdoe?!

But It’s 20 After Midnight

Joey Crack TS does a good deed and lets Kiss go for his. The Darkside Vol. II out tomorrow. Seriously though, dukes needs to chill on getting Cool or Dre to do anything mic-related…all of the Ross‘ish, though completely far less clever and/or endearing, “famous white man to mean a drug” references? C’mon thun. That Miami life got cats speedin’.

Fat Joe “Dopeman” (Feat. Jadakiss & Dre, Produced by Hype)

This Chain Is Heavyweight

The RZA has been busy with many things lately, of course, but most noticeably (in terms of consistency, output-wise), he’s had his hands in the production of a project with a one Reverend William Burke. Definitely a continuation in the Abbot’s saga of experimental, lo-fi, drug music sauce, while the Rev confidently asserts himself as a well-refined Chi-Town spitter. Here are some of the splashiest (#)Wu Wednesday goodies.

Reverend William Burke “A Moment In Chuuuch” (Feat. The RZA & Beretta 9, Produced by The RZA)

Reverend William Burke “In A Wink Of An Eye” (Produced by The RZA)

Reverend William Burke & The RZA “Untitled Freestyle” (Produced by The RZA)

Thank GrandGood for the joints above.

Reverend William Burke “Street Walker” (Produced by The RZA) – probably my favorite of ’em all.

Peace to Alex of Steady Bloggin’ for that one.

Why Wait ‘Til You See It

Nesby Phips returns with another directorial edition to his video library. We posted this gem a likkle while back…and now it looks like his iPhone has been gettin’ extra burn. The Phipstape: The Lockout drops on November 14th.


You Need To

Sheek jumps on a memorable Redman cut to get out a few new bars, holding the fans over before his next project Guerilla Warfare 2 hits.

Sheek Louch “Tonight’s Da Night Freestyle”

Won’t Be Twice

Bun B is at it again with new verses over a backdrop provided by the Red Bull Big Tune champ, Kendall Tucker (aka 14KT). Check out more of the producer’s work at his SoundCloud page.

Bun B “The Life” (Prod. By 14KT)


Bumpy Knuckles and Primo leak the first single off their upcoming collaboration album, The Kolexion. Rumor has it this beat was supposed to be on Hov‘s Blueprint 3 but didn’t make the final cut.

Bumpy Knuckles “BAP” (Prod. by DJ Premier)

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