Dollar Bills, New Guns, A Couple Joint Ventures

New Willie The Kid banger off of DJ Head Debiase‘s upcoming mixtape, The Pyrex. Features fellow midwest crime authors Big Joe, S-Class Sonny, and A1. Some cold shit.

Oh yeah, no DJ version.

Willie The Kid “Broadway Alley” (Feat. Big Joe, S-Class Sonny, & A1, Produced by Soundahfekz)

Peace to Jonathan Jelks!

On That Space Shit

The Mobb sits down with one of the most well-equipped guys to conduct a live interview with them, or any hip hop artist for that matter (especially if said artists were eatin’ in the 90’s), Egotrip co-founder and Queens citizen, Sacha Jenkins. In the following clip, the story is told of how they linked with Rae and Nas to make “Eye For An Eye”…dust blunts, liquor, and legendary A&R’s (what up Schott Free and Matty C…ICE COLD!).

Below is a bit on “Shook Ones Pt. II”…P and Hav talk the original sample, brutal face attacks, and the lack of a spell-check when making those football jerseys. Herbie doesn’t need to holler at Hav anytime soon.
Click this link here because I didn’t know how to falsify the “autoplay” feature on the clip.

Peace to Miss Info.

Tell Pac “What Up Doe”

Random Axe and (the rarely seen) Roc Marci cause havoc at Rock The Bells in San Fran with the gulliest mascot ever. Probably my favorite joint off of the album…now we can rest happily, thanks to this video.

“Chewbacca” (Featuring Roc Marciano, Produced by Black Milk)

Time Out

Spitta over Just Blaze‘s Dynasty burner. Off that Verde Terrace.

“Ways To Kill ‘Em”

Keep Cream Of The Crop, Fresh Out The Box

Remember the infamous Albee Square Mall (the Brooklyn retail landmark and best candidate for 2nd home to Biz Markie)? Some of you may have had the opportunity to scoop some fly shit out of there…others certainly have heard of its stalwart existence through Golden Era rap lore. By ’07, 30 years after its initial opening, the mall was no more. In ’11, the barren spread of land was filled with shipping containers (i.e. the 2nd season of The Wire…sans dead Russian hookers) to be reconstituted as hubs for various small businesses; now known as the Dekalb Market. Within one of the market’s recycled containers, among the purveyors of delicious food and drink, clothing and fashion-oriented knick-knacks, and a Brooklyn Bodega x Fat Beats collab record shop, rests a very exceptional creative endeavor: BBOX Radio (Brooklyn’s own soon-to-be live, streaming, 24-hour Internet radio station).

We here at PTP firmly believe in the idea of “community”…therefore, we are advising you, our much esteemed mini-nation of progressive movers and builders, to take a sec to mull over the probability of your participation in the BBOX Radio project. Plus BBOX is the home to our new radio show, Fresh Out The Box (going live and streaming in a couple of weeks – think of it as the audio version of this site…21st Century hip hop).

The BBOX Radio Sampler by BBOX Radio

You hear that at the 14 second mark? Intro by Teslee Snipes, Note gettin’ his radio voice in, and me showin’ some love to Brooklyn on the wheels. Bang. So with that being said, you may want to do something a little more proactive for this entire online community (that doesn’t just mean donating a fraction of your hard-earned, not without substantial rewards via BBOX’s Kickstarter, but spreading the word to others…something made a whole lot easier nowadays thanks to “sharing” and reblogging). Once we caught wind, it was an easy choice to roll with BBOX, as they completely represent innovation, resourcefulness, and freedom of creative license (it’s radio on the Internet…c’mon, will ya?!?).

Practiced sustainability and D.I.Y. science, plus PTP in audio form alongside a schedule already bursting with some remarkable shows and selectors (i.e. the funk & soul two-piece of Headless Heroes with Gee-$, OG Chino, and Amir (yes, of Kon & Amir fame) and the Golden Era fare of Albee Square with Classic Pete and Mr. Klean). What more good do you need?!?!

Donate. Spread Word. Support. Actively engaging in any of these things will only contribute to the enrichment of a tremendous on-air artistic enterprise (plus it’ll help all of the worthy-as-fuck artists involved in the audible make-up of these radio shows…aka those whose music us DJ’s will be playing).

Peace to everyone who has shown their love and support so far…plus the Huffington Post and Laughing Squid.

Follow BBOX and friend ’em…stay tuned.

Same Color As The Swish

In celebration of Dopehead‘s recent solo video, “Airbags”, we’re supplying you with some goods from the Bruiser Brigade rep that may have flown below your collective radar sweeps. Here we have a self-produced album by Dopehead, put together in 2008, Dopehead Musick Vol. 1…featuring nothing but his well-carved witty and downright disrespectful punchline antics over tripped out, minimalist beats. 15 bangers that leave us fed with a plethora of quotables. Some definite lo-fi goodness on here…gems below:

Dopehead “Like We Do In The D” (Produced by Dopehead)

Dopehead “Banging That Snow” (Produced by Dopehead)

Dopehead “Keep Um Watching” (Produced by Dopehead)

Click on the photo for download:

If you’re a fan of that Bruiser style (#STYLE), then be sure to scoop this while you’re waiting for Plaid Palm Trees and that Danny Brown X Black Milk EP.

Also! Check Dopehead out live in a city near you rockin’ with Danny Brown, Despot, and Das Racist (for their Relax Tour).

Hammer And War Paint

BK’s Spit Gemz continues to throw thought-provoking gems into the listener’s mind. We hear you g!

Also included (at the end of the video) is a preview of a new joint by The Opposition, Gemz + Outdoorsmen and fellow Lo Life, Shaz IllYork.

“3Rahlution” (Produced by Night Prowler)

Peace to Shaz Illy!

Killin’ My Own

The Indiana-PA connection. Freddie Gibbs and Freeway speak facts about living that life. A solid first impression for Gibbs’ upcoming Cold Day In Hell LP.

“Anything To Survive” (Feat. Freeway & Adrian, Produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam)

Bonus: Freezer goes off acapulco-style on RapFix Live.

That Shit’ll Never Happen Again

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire gets grilled by Jungle Gym Magazine on a few touchier topics…and doesn’t flinch one bit. The problem with NYC rappers and the Internet…and Mickey Factz (hahahaha), as well as the meaning behind a few of his chains, “Huzzah”, and the “Live Live, Die Never” ideology.

So I Focus Better

The Mobb affiliate Big Noyd gets laced with a banger by Stu Bangas and brings through newcomer Bloodsport who holds his own. Off of Blaq Poet‘s Blaq Poet Society (QB Slasher Remixes) EPout now.

Big Noyd “Freezers” (Feat. Bloodsport, produced by Stu Bangas & Vanderslice)

Peace to CV!

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