Carved In Rosetta Stone

Queens’ own Timeless Truth unleash their collaboration with Roc Marciano. If you weren’t prepared for this to touch land, then you need to tear away from the media sensationalism and keep a better eye on your lyricist friend forecast-timeline (aka follow these cats on that Twitter thing: @TimelessTruth @SuperBADSolace @rocmarci).

Timeless Truth “Irene” (Feat. Roc Marciano)

Persian Murderers

M.A.F.F.E.W. This’ll learn you somethin’ about the guy. There’s a reason why duke gets the cosigns from the older gods. Rhymes Pays drops next month.

(peep the intro beat)

Bonus (wasn’t going to post it since the album was supposed to drop last week)…but here it is, Bronson & Ragazino, part deux.

Maffew Ragazino “Jordan Vs. Bird” (Feat. Action Bronson)

Right On Time

Crakk and Young Gunna double up on the speed limit with this do-over of the Watch The Throne bouncefest, “Niggas In Paris” (possibly the gayest song title of 2011). If you’ve heard the mega classic “Blap” off of the Crime Partners mixtape, you’d be well in-tune with the notion that Peedi can rock a double-time flow better than everyone. Okay. And I’d rather hear this than the original song, any day. Now go enjoy it.

Peedi Crakk & Young Chris “Niggas In North”

Bonus: PC previewing the intro to Crakk Files 4. All of my Frozen Files fams will recognize the sample…just wish that the rest of the beat in the video completely resembled Scott and Matt‘s radio show opening music.

Mad Izm

Free reps for Allah, 30 Mosques, and the Billionaire Beards Club. Bars.

Always On Our Brownsville Bullshit!

Maffew Ragazino live at last Saturday’s BYOB BBQ 2. This set off the string of headline-worthy hip hop that afternoon (to be followed by Action Bronson and Danny Brown), and it was apparent that the Brownsvillain duo of Maff and Sha Banga (with help by DJ Teddy King) certainly had no qualms about putting things into perspective for the audience. Mega energy and presence…and bars…and antics akin to some ol’ BK bullshit…that’s what you can expect (check the ode to “Otis” in the very beginning).

Steady Fam even popped up for some cameo verse action on “Motley Crue” (though the angles got a little suspect at that point, but I’ll fix that).

Note: This is NOT the whole set, I was right up front and the fucking monitor was blazing into my left ear…and camera mic…so the sound got a little crunchy at points (as heard on some of the other videos people have offered as footage). Those were deemed “unusable”.


“Crystal Meth” & “Motel Crue” (w/ Steady Fam)

“Even More Butter”

Rhyme Pays dropping ASAP.

The Less You Know, The Better

DJ Shadow stopped by East Village Radio to play a special set of all-things-new-and-classified on Andy Rourke‘s Jetlag. I’ma keep it as short as the playlist…the man needs no explanation…just know that this mix is super-eclectic (cliche understatement)…and it runs the gamut of new Josh Davis (the man, himself) material to dubstep to rare hip hop to soul to crunchy ass rock & roll to whatever else.

Listen to DJ Shadow on Jetlag.

The man has a new EP out called I Gotta Rokk…available here.

Asian Rugs And Shit

Bronsolino is tagged in to assist Smoke DZA. Southern-tinged NY shit.

Smoke DZA “Big Bad Dangerous” (Feat. Action Bronson)

They Call Us Germans

Shaz Illyork‘s second graphic journey into his recent full-length, Air Unlimited. More triple-G material (graff, gear, and goons). Blast this while you pack that bag for a late-night mission.

“Skeleton Key” (Produced by DJ Low Cut)

As a bonus, for some BQE appeal, check the following video of Shaz and his brother-from-another, Spit Gemz. Sharpen up your banger to this.


Double bonus. If you haven’t already, pick up Shaz Illy’s Air Unlimited, for free, right here. Definitely some moody, Queens shit. Some familiar faces pop up too (Psycho Les of The Beatnuts, Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Spit Gemz, Timeless Truth, Tommy Mas, Don Producci, and more).

Murder The Powers And Let Chuck Fight

Prodigy and Alchemist get the visual life injection from Jordan Tower Films for their early-2000 banger (which found its way to the 2nd disc of Free Agents). This track is pretty much the hardest shit you’ll ever hear in your life. Not only does it flip (reference and build upon) Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five‘s classic, “The Message”, in all arenas (even the beat sounds like the original put through the lens of a hallucinogenic nightmare), but it marks the birthplace of P’s more recent (ultra paranoid) sound, something abundantly toted on the HNIC2 and Product Of The 80’s albums, which came out a few years after “Serious”. Make molotovs to this.

“Serious (New Message)” (Produced by The Alchemist)


Danny Brown cleaned house at Saturday’s BYOB BBQ 2 with a gargantuan set. Still riding the vapor trail of his latest release earlier on in the week, XXX, Detroit’s most maniacal wordsmith seemed to be in mega high spirits as he tore through a lengthy chain of songs, exhibiting his patented, widespread verbal/sonic assault.

In reviewing and editing down this footage, I realized a couple things (aside from the fact that I was pretty intoxicated and wholeheartedly enjoying the day’s events and the antics of my immediate company – so the camera isn’t completely still… balls):

1. How good the idea was to step back a row or two in order to not only capture some crowd reaction, but to drop the chances of being left with some distorted mess for audio as the monitors were crazy loud if you were by the stage (head/camera level and all that). Some of the other clips I’ve seen posted around completely suffer from that exact issue in unfortunate positioning. Actually, this footage sounds really clean.
2. Danny isn’t just a fuckin’ beast going for dolo on stage, but he also doesn’t take much time to bullshit between songs. Straight Olympian shit. I feel like that is translated well here…especially in the multi-song clips (or maybe it’s just my inner-completist wanting to put out all of it, even though I missed the first two songs – “XXX” and “Die Like A Rockstar”…balls, again).

Super duty big ups to Combat Jack and Dallas Penn for bringing this to the people.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Peace to Despot, Boog Nice, and Jaime Buddha (all of whom contributed to the camera’s lack of steadiness with surprise shoulder-taps and what not). Also big up Note, Tony Conquerrah, Mummz, Tes, Teddy King, Lauren, Life One, Bobby Coma, Zeena Koda, Synapse, the C.I.C.O. gang, and everyone else who was out there with us.

Also, check out the review the Village Voice gave of (mostly) his set. More footy on the way!

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