Save Our Souls

The revolution will have to be televised…on Forty Deuce. Gee is back from his scouting mission and the crew is in full Voltron mode, speaking on things like the whole city/world going to shit…parks, parking laws, Yankee Stadium…nothing is under shelter from the shitcloud’s overhead blessing. Oh, you’re walking on the highway? GO TO JAIL, NOW!

So naturally, to revert away from all of this bad magic, the crew, with Nastee on the wheels yet again, do a little blessing ceremony of their own (one that happens every Wednesday, from 6PM-8PM…East Coast time). A lot of fly originals (as in originals that were sampled to create some of your favorite hip hop joints), a Nastee remix or two, and a mean golden era hip hop set.

On some real to real, Bloomberg IS OD’ing on ticketing people for every single thing. And hey, let me add that not only have I incurred two tickets from one overzealous parking cop (plus another one downtown – that makes three in a month…AND they were getting ready to tow the whip on two of those instances…ARGH), but a good friend of mine got hit with a $100 penalty for disposing of some previously littered cigarette butts in a sanitation dumpster. 1. he works as a grounds keeper for one of the city’s largest hospitals, so how is he doing any wrong by throwing trash away in a trash receptacle? 2. WHEN THE FUCK DID THEY MAKE SANITATION COPS?! Talk about the biggest pussies in high school. He said the cat even ran up like a “real policeman” on some “Let me see your I.D., sir.” Fuckin’ “Koch Bridge” crazy.


Nastee on the wheels again at Forty Deuce

Pass The Peas

PTP-Forty Deuce family man, Nastee, hits the wheels to bless up the set at EVR. Joints…all types of joints…a nice blend of old soulful and funky gems into newer hip hop, plus some vicious remixes by the man himself (listen for one especially epic version of KRS-One‘s “Ah Yeah”). (Good looks on the bornday shout fellers!)

But wait, the special guest biz doesn’t stop there. Maceo Parker calls in and is confronted by Keene about his history as one of the defining elements in James Brown‘s raucous funk sound, plus his tenure in Parliament Funkadelic. Let’s not forget his long resume of collaborations that spans a plethora of artists and decades of playing live. They also bring up Jimmy Castor, who was a younger buck by the time Maceo was ringing off in households across the map (Jimmy also played the saxophone).

Listen to Nastee & Maceo Parker on Forty Deuce (streaming)

Side note: the photo at the top is of Lakim Shabazz and 45 King with Maceo. CRAZY!

As a bonus, here’s the video (late-pass) to Nastee’s new single, “Obama Bin Laden,” which you hear near the end of the episode (yes, he doesn’t just play records, he makes them, too). My man has been receiving some weird, misplaced flak about it from other pussyclot blogs and people, alike, who seem to have criminally misread the song’s message. A funny tidbit is the fact that this was made months before the recent “Osama Bin Laden is dead” shitfest. PTP ain’t scared of nothin’. Enjoy it, music with a message (my man also did the animation – D.I.Y. steez). Word to Jimi‘s machine gun

“Obama Bin Laden”

Got That Boogie Feelin’

Earlier in the season we highlighted the funk/soul/boogie/disco mixes from our peoples Teddy King and Commander Black. Here’s another joint to add to that series to be blasted in your overheated vehicle this summer. This mix was put together back in ’06 by Disco Patrick (Patrick Lejeune) a collector of vinyl from the Netherlands since the 70’s who published his own book on rare gems of his favorited genres, Bootleg Guide To Disco Acetates, Funk, Rap, & Disco Medleys. He recorded this mix as a guest spot for the Ebony Cuts crew (don’t sleep on their site, mucho knowledge to be gained). For more info about the DJ, check this interview.

‘Lo Pullover In The Hallway, Not Askin’

Rae bodies this shit so retarded. Fast-forward to the last verse, anything else is uncivilized. Seriously, why?!

Raekwon “Rock & Roll (Remix)” (Feat. The Game, Busta Rhymes, and Pharrell, Produced by DJ Khalil)

But forreal, Rae’s verse is completely unfuckwitable.

Trust The Word

The Random Axe crew drops their latest track from the upcoming LP, dropping June 14th. Listen to the track below and scoop it here.

Random Axe “Random Call”

Straight Brutal

Bronson drops a new cut dedicated to the wrestling legend, Randy “Macho Man” Savage (RestInPower).

Action Bronson “Sarasota Savage”

We New York You

Bumpy Knucks and N.O.R.E. break bread (i.e. speak on OG shit and pay slick homage to the late Guru) on track – somewhat of a benchmark moment in rap-dudes-you-don’t-want-to-fuck-with history. You see, the two used to have some bona fide on-record beef, which would have, knowing each of their respective track records, just as easily transferred to off-record beef. This all started with Foxxx’s comments made on “The Militia” about N.O., to which Jose Luis responded, “fuck Freddie Foxxx……bodyin’ me is like bodyin’ God,” on a freestyle over Swizz Beats‘ “Fright Night” (see Ruff Ryders Vol. 2). Glad it was resolved with only a few bars shot across track.

Now heads can celebrate the fact that they will probably never be caught in the middle of any crossfire or mega scuffles between the two aforementioned parties by throwing this joint on whilst choking out a bottle of Henny. Hard bars from both, with plenty of lines to pick and transcribe onto your next throwie, sticker, kitschy print ad, or status update.

This will land as the title track on the Bumpy Knuckles & Statik Selektah album slated for a June 14 release.

Bumpy Knuckles “Lyrical Workout” (Feat. N.O.R.E., Produced by Statik Selektah)

I’m A Fuckin’ Animal

Large Professor returned to Forty Deuce, on EVR, two weeks ago. In short, shit was incredible and the PTP cult leaders were in the hut to take part in the madness. A sick combination of wild game meats and ostrich burgers, plus the rarest of groovy gems given Extra P cuts galore, thus making for the perfect continuation to the Deuce‘s recent string of landmark episodes that have featured the likes of Sam Sever, Ad Rock, Dennis Coffey, and Jimmy Castor.

Large Professor on Forty Deuce. (streaming window player edition)

Peace to Geebee, Keene, Nastee, Large Pro, Cap Pete, OG Chino, Smuttynose Brewing Company, and co.

And big gas mug to Time Warner Cable for shitting on our Internet service at the base. Still playing catch-up.

Riches, Royalty, Respect

Kool G Rap‘s new album… will not be available for download here. Go buy the fuckin’ physical when it comes out on May 31st. You wanna hear an exclusive from the album? How about one with Havoc and The Alchemist? We beeeen posted that back in February (yes, the full song).

Peep the G-O-D speaking on that age-old art of rap.

Detroit State Of Mind

The D got some hard shit (next to Philly, the city stands as one of my favorite breeding grounds for ridiculous talent). Here’s yet another perfect example.

Ketchphraze “My Detroit” (Feat. Trick Trick & eLZhi, Produced by Black Milk)

Spotted at TSS.

But wait, there’s more…

eLZhi recently dropped his ode to the flawless debut of one young Nasir Jones, (slickly titled) Elmatic. Like each song’s verse-structure, the beats simply refer to those classics laid by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip, and LES – this is no exercise in half-assed, mixtape redundancy featuring some cat recording directly over the originals. Definitely a lesson in correctness.

eLZhi “Detroit State Of Mind” (Produced by Will Sessions)

Download Elmatic.

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