Fully Alert

No Sleep Recordings is set to release the second vinyl of unreleased gems from O.C, O-Zone Originals Part 2, tracks recorded from the pre Word … Life era up until the release of Jewelz. The EP features production by Da Beatminerz, Buckwild, and DJ Ogee. Hard to believe that some of these joints went unreleased, it puts how ill this era was into perspective. Even handfuls of “throwaways” were legit minutes of slammin’ audio. Check the snippets. Tracklist and order information below.

O.C. “O-Zone Originals Part 2” (Snippets)

A1: “Flipside” [DJ Ogee] * – This was a track done right after “Word…Life” was finished, but well before “Jewelz” started.
A2:. “Master Ya High” [Buckwild] * – This was another track done in between the first two albums. Buckwild ended up using an altered version of this beat for a Faith Evans record years later.
A3: “Gone” [DJ Ogee] * – This was an outtake from “Jewelz”. This song was revisted and remixed years later for the “Smoke and Mirrors” album.
A4:. “Kevvy Kev Promo” [Buckwild] + – This was a promo done during the early promotion of “Word…Life” for Bay Area DJ / host, Kevvy Kev at KZSU.
B1: “Sharp As A Knife” [Buckwild] + – This track was done before “Word…Life” around the same time as “Sugar” and “Outsiders”.
B2: “Stronjay”(Original Version) [DJ Ogee] * – This was the original version of the song on “Jewelz”.
B3 “Pain” [Da Beatminerz] * – This was another song done for “Jewelz” that was deleted at the last moment.
B4. “Sway and Tech Promo” feat. MC Serch [DJ Ogee] + – Another promo done for “The Wake Up Show” during the promotion of “Word…Life”.

To PRE-ORDER now, send an e-mail to: nosleeprecordings@gmail.com

Subject: ORDER: NSREP-004 O.C. Part 2

Provide the following information in your e-mail:

1. Your PayPal e-mail
2. Your full name (first and last)
3. Your full shipping address, printed as it should read for the postal carrier in your region
4. Quantity
5. Shipping option (choose from below, either REGULAR or EXPRESS)

Price per copy is $50.00 + shipping and handling. Limited to only 175 copies, this collector’s EP will not be repressed. The EP comes sealed in a black jacket with color sticker at top right corner.

Pitch Quarters In The Lobby

Random Axe, the supergroup of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, and Black Milk drop their single to promote the 15 track self titled album dropping on Duck Down on June 15th. The selection is a homage to their manager, Hex Murda. A man of many quotables, just check this interview. The genre needs more cohesive LP’s fully arranged by a single miner behind the boards, two thumbs up for the roster behind this one.

Random Axe “The Hex”

With A Duplicate

Roc Marciano continues the lyrical rampage with appearances on two new joints. The first track is a guest verse on the Japanese hip-hop crew Sick Team‘s “Lyrical Assassins”. Sick Team made an appearance on the JP release of Ski Beatz24 Hour Karate School. The next is a joint titled “Slugs Thru Ya Papaya” with Wu affiliate Killah Priest. One difference fans of the Hempstead verbalist will notice is his flows on these tracks are released at a more rapid rate than what was displayed on Marcberg. Murderation.

Sick Team “Lyrical Assassins” (Feat. Roc Marciano)

Roc Marciano “Slugs Thru Ya Papaya” (Feat. Killah Priest, Prod. Bronze Nazareth)

Peace to CV.

Blowin’ Circles Of Purple

Danny Brown goes off at any given moment…no matter how “industry-chic” the spot wants to be. Real rap.

We All Gotta Go

An unreleased version of this gem “Games” from AZ, one of the smoothest Brooklynites to bless it. Perfect for the system in a spring whip trek. Doe Or Die 2 to (supposedly) drop later this year.

AZ “Games” (Unreleased Version)

East Village Pillage

More streamable chunkiness from our favorite source for on-air listening pleasurables…EVR. Here are some recent happenings (equipped with photos, brief descriptions, direct stream links and …what not) that we know will help you jet across those waves of workday tedium.

Last week on Deadly Dragon Sounds, special guests Pete Rock, DJ Muro, and Magachin came through to switch the pace from the program’s usual fare of traum-heavy, kulcha don vibes to some seriously nasty sets of funk goodness (Muro on those mean little 45RPM platters). Stream that April 18 Episode.

Two weeks ago, on one of our absolute favorites, Forty Deuce, the dynamic duo of Keene and Gee maintain their colossal, musical wiz, guest tribute flow from the previous week with Mr. Jimmy Castor, and pay homage to the legendary Funk Brothers guitarist, Dennis Coffey (sandwiched between the appropriately placed chain of Motown gems, plus random hip hop). This is the guy who brought the guitar to Motown! Mr. Coffey even calls in and the listeners are treated to another monumental on-air interview (the guy is dealing with some heavy science…literally). Stream that April 13 Episode.

Also, switched the links on the previous Forty Deuce posts with Ad Rock and Jimmy Castor to one-click streamable joints for your ease of navigation. We know dealing with your boss and dickhead co-workers has been headache enough.

Number One Rapper Of The Year

DJ Adam Horovitz returns to EVR’s Forty Deuce for another twisted go-around. This time, armed with his laptop full o’ eclectic shit (think old on-stage rap battles, Zulu beats, dubstep, punk rock – REST IN POWER POLY STYRENE, funk, and other random blessings). Streaming link = play it now.

More Forty Deuce news, Sam Sever. Next week! Large Professor. Coming soon, again!

Top Notch Groceries

Philly Freeway gives a sneak peek/in-studio performance to a new joint off of Diamond In The Ruff.

To Higher Grounds

Boundless NY shows us once again that timing is not something they skimp on. The proof of that is in yesterday’s release of a seriously weather appropriate mix…and what screams for a pairing with the months of warmth and sun louder than funk?! Well, there’s a whole lotta funk styles out there, but c’mon…you know I’m talking specifically about that ill, electrified, 80’s shit, known simply as “boogie.” The stuff that has you steppin’ regardless of whether or not you’ve heard the song. That shit that pushed forth the sonic boundaries of disco with all of the experimentation with new studio techniques and magical toys of the era.

Woven together back in 2005 by Bless’ own mixman (and extended PTP familia), DJ Teddy King. Cover art by Jimmy Papers. Throw this on and turn that volume up high (if in a ride, I’d better not see any windows up either). Here’s that Boundless “Feel Flows” Boogie Mix!

Here’s The Grim Reaper

Tony Yayo calls for Mobb Deep reinforcements to help complete that murda murda formula on this evil ass track. I will promise you that everyone has at least one quote-worthy couplet…all in all, expect a lot of what the title suggests, but in the form of bars.

“Body Bag” (Feat. Mobb Deep)

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