Another old song with new visual treatment. Saigon (whose Greatest Story Never Told album is out…and VERY dope) brings us a re-release of his classic Scram Jones-produced joint addressing the national epidemic that is American gang culture/violence (completely applicable to the rest of the world as well). Think of it as the 21st Century’s “We’re All In The Same Gang” (definitely no MC Hammer, though…and perhaps a bit harder). In typical Yardfather fare, the message is laid out clear and concise…right in front of you. Wake up, boppers.

“The Color Purple” (Produced by Scram Jones)

P.S. This joint does NOT appear on the GSNT album.

Old Yeller Had A Fiendish Plot

Well I’m back folks…and apparently so is Nice & Smooth. And they’ve brought along new visuals to an old (favorite) song. What made them shoot a video to a joint that’s practically 12 years old? Maybe it was the fact that they murdered this shit so savagely at the 89Tec9 reunion a couple weeks ago…I don’t know, nor can I think of any other reason to list…but why not?

“No Delayin'”

Side note: Expect to hear this at Heathers on Saturday, spun by yours truly.

Raw Forever

Check the footage from the Cormega appearance at Tammany Hall last Wednesday. Craig G, Large Pro, and Neek The Exotic also blessed the mic, with background instrumentals provided by jazz outfit, The Revelations. I was in attendance, but without proper recording equipment. Props to Krook for the video.

Bus Fare Money

Method Man discusses his beginnings in Hempstead and Shaolin, spending transportation dough on comic books, and his attempts to impress Cappadonna. This is the third episode in the documentary series Where I’m From.

Honor The Street

Jada’s been promoting his next release, the mixtape I Love You. The Yonkers emcee leaked a quick trailer and a few tracks, check my favorite outta the line up. The kid from Yonkers goes in.

Jadakiss “I Miss You”

Them Outdoors Boys

Meyhem Laurenevich and Action Bronsonlinio at it again. Best use of a green/blue screen in a minute. One of my favorite joints off of Mey’s Self-Induced Illness (cop that, cop that). Gotta love the work ethic and multimedia output of this fuckin’ camp (and yo, the fact that these cats are part of a “camp” is refreshing enough…how many legitimate rap crews are really out there at this point?).

“Typhoon Rap” (Directed by Matt Raz & Tommy Mas)


Golden Rocket Launcher (not just tarantulas)

Once again, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is proven to be straight “album of the year” material. What a day maker. The Chef and Starks revisit an older sample once used by the Abbot (while in Bob Digi form), but flipped differently…this time with a surprising cameo by everyone’s favorite big guy since………?? Yep, your man Rick Ross. It works, somehow. Shouts to Miss Info for the tip off.

Raekwon “Molasses” (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Rick Ross)

Get Treated Like A Sultan

I told you REKS’ new shit was gonna be somethin’ else. Here’s one of those joints you saw bits and pieces of on paper (i.e. you read the list of producers and then the list of guests) which made you think “damn, imagine if the Alchemist track had Styles P on it…” Well, it does. Stop playing around and play this.

REKS “Why Cry” (Feat. Styles P, Produced by The Alchemist)

R.E.K.S. (Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme) drops March 8th (you know I’ll already be at the local mom & pops spot for some new music that day).

Known To Blow His Ratchet

Off of Kool G Rap’s latest offering/teaser E.P., Offer You Can’t Refuse…here’s the full version of the joint that got the crowd all riled up, “America’s Nightmare” with Havoc on guest MC work and The Alchemist on the boards. 3-minutes-and-15-seconds of sinister rap you won’t ever be able to duplicate (or hear much at all these days).

“America’s Nightmare” (Feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep, Produced by The Alchemist)

Props to Robbie from Unkut for the Rap Pages scan(s).

Tilapia Smothered

Meyhem and Ragazino Senior (finally) give us a video for their certified banger, “Even More Butter.” You don’t understand how happy this makes me…as it stands as one of my favorites to come from either camp. Shot and directed by A Jay D…expect MC-ship, gear, and a night in NYC’s brick ass cold winter.

“Even More Butter” (Produced by Shakim Allah)

Shout out to my Outdoorsmen and CICO fams…

Go get Meyhem’s Self Induced Illness and Maffew’s Rare Gems: The Collection…now. Extremely kosher.

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