It’s All Basic

Thirstin Howl the 3rd – “Double Dosage” (Feat. Meyhem Lauren)

Lo Life representatives comin’ at you with the latest track to leak from Thirstin Howl the 3rd‘s upcoming release, Natural Born Skiller.

Step Up In The Octagon

The Chef Raekwon drops another cut to hold us over until Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang hits concrete on March 8th.

Raekwon “Sweep Week Freestyle”

Fire At The One-Time

New Outdoorsmen visuals! Shaz IllYork, Meyhem Lauren, and Action Bronson put the Q.U. spin on the immortal Rza-produced banger from ’95. Yep…from THAT Purple Tape.

File under: 21st Century 90’s Hip Hop (done right).

“Glacierz” (Directed by Shaz Illyork)

I would have posted this last night, but PTP went out to personally support Shaz and co. at an Irish-Bar-turned-live-hip-hop-joint. I’m now typing this in a Helly Hansen jumpsuit with an orange boxcutter tucked into the ankle of my navy-brown suede Skywalk. Click-click.

No Time For Lookin’ Back…

PRIMO!  Still a fuckin’ beast with those drum pads!  My god.  REKS, an MC whom I’ve admittedly slept on up until hearing this on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesday‘s show the other night, catches mean wreck over the perfectly-scripted interplay of nervous strings and piano keys over a head-stomping rhythm section.  I’ll say it once, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more with his full-length Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme looming around the corner, upon which this joint will land on. What really got me were the reports of the supporting cast being comprised of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Hi Tek, Alchemist, Nottz, Sean C & LV, Fizzy Womack, and Statik Selektah (to name most of ’em off) on the boards…plus guest spittage by Styles P, Freeway, and Lil Fame (again, to name most of ’em off).

“25th Hour” (Produced by DJ Premier)

She Rolled Me Up Two L’s

Ghostface hits us with some visuals to go along with the first single from Apollo Kids. On that mansion chillin’ with the crew steelo.

I Don’t Do Mall Gear

Maffew Ragazino, Brownsville’s finest blesses us with another new cut featuring Wais P. This track is from D-Dot’s new mixtape It’s About To Be Crazy! Vol. 2, which you can scoop here.

Maffew Ragazino “TDK” (Feat. Wais P, Prod. by Naive)

Beats, Rhymes, and Life

(Excuse the trailer, it’s slightly outta sync.)

Mike Rapaport, first time feature director, actor, and NYC native put together a documentary about the career and inner dramas of A Tribe Called Quest, supposedly taking years to shoot. The project finally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, in the Documentary Competition.

Q-Tip is listed as an Executive Producer for the film, but publicly stated earlier that he was not in support of the documentary through his Twitter. Tip didn’t go into detail about his beefs with project, but I’m not in support of the typical bland “graffiti” font used in the trailer (step it up).

Rapaport tried to play down the issues in interviews and Tribe also released a recent statement through, “Hoping the project is well received.” Actions speak louder than words in these ordeals, and the only member of Tribe to show up to the premiere was Phife.

Even with all the tension surrounding the flick, I’m hoping they get distribution for the project so myself and the rest of the fans out here can catch it on the big screen.

True City Killas

Longtime familia, Nasty Vaz and The God Bzar (of the infamous TCK crew) do our senses a favor in serving the first episode of their podcast. With Vaz on the wheels, you need to expect a plethora of not-so-obvious, yet not-so-pretentious, selections…specifically plenty of golden era b-sides, promos, remixes, and originals. This may turn out to be the 21st century version of WKCR’s Night Train show (on which Vaz was a host and partial stand-in DJ, along with Apex, Kinetic, and DJ Eli (Escobar))…which is a great thing. Either way, we hope these cats continue to pump this and offer whatever support, muscle, and Sasha Grey merch we can pull out our sleeves.

Also, shouts to Angelo for the photo above. Heads were a problem at the Nuyo, especially in ’98-’99. So many fond memories.

TCK Krew Podcast #1

Coming soon…the PTP “media section”…which will act as a 2nd home to this series of podcast goodness.

The Future Is Now

Throw Maffew Ragazino in a room with two legendary DJ’s/producers…DJ Premier and DJ Clark Kent…so what’s the result? Well, take a second and click “play” on the video. If you aren’t at all moved, then you and I have to reconsider our friendship.

I will not write anything else…just start believing if you’ve been sleepin’ this long.

Huge shouts to my millz Teddy King for being the first to post this, as well as to Maff and Sha Banga.

Oh, and I’ve had a little snippet of what’s to come from the Ragazino Senior-meets-Geng-Grizzly collab in my Inbox for over 24 hours. Grab a helmet.

The Most White Castles In The City

Queens general, Meyhem Lauren (with the help of J-Love), takes you on a mini-tour of his borough, viewers and listeners alike. He asks various members of the populace to sum up his/her stomping grounds in a word (or two)…the myriad of answers given are entertaining as they are on point. Real as the golden “C” on your Carhartt tab.

“Queens” (Produced by J-Love)

And one more for the kiddies…this time Meyhem’s joined by fellow Outdoorsmen Action Bronson and Ag Da Coroner. This is a little older, off of Mey’s Clarified Butter mixtape, but we failed to post it back around its release…so now you have it with new gift wrap.

“Ray Lewis” (Feat. Action Bronson & Ag Da Coroner, Produced by Don Producci)

Peace to The Outdoorsmen and the rest of my Queens peoples…

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