Got A Can Of Ozium In The Truck

Yet another video from Curren$y and the Creative Control team. Easily some of the hardest (and fastest) working cats out… what the fuck else do you want me to say that I haven’t said already?! BUY Pilot Talk II…this is on it and his crew is kinda nice too.

“Hold On” (Feat. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver, Produced by Nesby Phips)

An added bonus:
A preview to Ski Beatz’ next installment in his 24 Hour Karate School series…featuring a newer spitter (to us) by the name of STS (Sugar Tongue Slim). These cats at DD172 definitely have their fingers on the pulse of a new breed of Southern-drawled lyricist – a clever, agile-barred brand of rap that has been seldom tapped this consistently, yet definitely has the potential to reshape the general public’s view of “what the South is really about” (the whole crunk thing is seemingly more Jersey Shore status at this point anyway). STS sounds kinda like Pimp-C (R.I.P.) with a more Philly-fied flow (kinda looks like a skinny Sweet Jones too…gotta be the glasses?). Anticipating more from this pairing.

“Moon Walkin'” (Produced by Ski Beatz)

I Got So Much Trouble

Young Chris is back after a successful mixtape endeavor, plus a Philly star-studded remix banger for the radio (Nah Right that)…this is some jazzy-fat-soulful shit. Not sure who is featured on the guest vocals, nor who produced it…but it is dope. Shouts to my man CV (of GrandGood) who stopped by to check the PTP day office for a little break from rummaging in the snow.

Young Chris “Trouble On My Mind”

DJ Premier Vs. Pete Rock

Two of your favorite producers, DJ Premier and Pete Rock, in the same room, getting some of their most notable records tossed at ’em for an hour. Sounds like you fell asleep on your MPC while enduring another late night beat-making session. I assure you that this is not some strange hip hop induced dream…it’s what you can find on a Japanese DVD featuring the two gods of the sample. Lots of interesting historical tidbits dropped. Sit back and enjoy hearing about Primo and Malachi The Nutcracker tearing up the Wild Pitch Records offices and how Busta Rhymes and Charlie Brown were literally moved to tears during the mixing session for “T.R.O.Y.”

(Geng’s Note: The interviewer is kinda buggin’…or criminally misinformed. Having the impression that Reasonable Doubt was done entirely by Ski?! Wow homey…BUGGIN’.)


Tonight’s news of Teena Marie’s passing is nothing short of devastating. For some reason, this hit much harder than most other celebrity deaths (well, particularly those whom I’ve grown to admire, talent-wise). Maybe because her music was just that ill to me, but I feel like a good friend of mine has shed his/her mortal coil.

Just goes to really show how powerful this thing called music is.


“Ooh La La La” (Live on Soul Train)

“Wishin’ On A Star” (from New York Undercover)

Go now and enjoy her catalog and remember her as an iconoclast, for without the incredible Lady Tee, soul/funk music would not have the same element of boundlessness that has existed since making her industry debut more than 30 years ago. Let’s not forget that voice and her song writing…damn.

In Flex We Must…

LEEAAARRN (to trust)! I’ll tell you exactly why…

Last night, on NYC’s Hot 97 FM, Funkmaster Flex and Kool DJ Red Alert (with some help from Mister Cee) did something truly special for everyone. Essentially, it was a real history lesson…almost a complete reenactment…with Flex stating that he was playing records that ONLY Red Alert broke (whether in the clubs or on radio). He was genuinely going off the deep end in every good way possible, cuttin’ up the funk and disco breaks that became roller rink and b-boy anthems, to droppin’ the ’86-’87 joints that practically shut down Union Square, Latin Quarter, and the Roof Top in Harlem. Incredibly entertaining play-by-play commentary by Uncle Red, Flex, and Cee…with highlights such as:
-which DJ’s would do a particular record the dirtiest with the cuts
-the different crews of the time (i.e. the 5-man army known as original The Violators)
-who was gettin’ stomped out when shit like “Go Stetsa” was played
-how Flex, at one point, was worried that he was in line for an automatic beatdown since he never carried much paper on him
-Biz gettin’ boo’ed for doing the “Biz dance”
-the whole “The Bridge” versus “South Bronx” story

…and much too much to realistically list off for you. A phenomenal couple of hours, to say the least. Of course some purists will go on overlooking, for seemingly any reason they can find, but I’ll go on record in saying that you should never sleep on Flex, a cat who can, in the blink of an eye, do something as monstrously vital and legitimate as this. I could give two shits about how utterly terrible Lugz are and all of the payola controversies, at the end of day, Flex is a true beastmode historian and has solidified his spot on my list of turntable heros simply because of live audio school’age such as this. Don’t make me whip out the classic July 4th, 2007 mix on you dozers.

Enjoy this gift from PTP to you for the holidays.

Part 1

Part 2

(Streaming version coming ASAP)

P.S. I’ll quote my man Tes Uno in saying that Red Alert needs a book…an audiobook at that. STAT!

Ridin’ Dirty

More Southern-styled smokin’ & ridin’ music courtesy of Big K.R.I.T., Killa Kyleon, and Curren$y. A very to-the-point video with (appropriate) choice imagery and cameos. Spitta goes for his as he’s granted the duty of cleaning up with the last verse. Laid back track murder 101.

“Moon & Stars (Remix)”

As a bonus…check the video for Spitta’s “Daze Of Thunder.” This carefully molded, longwinded verse further shuts down any theory stating that the kid is anything like these other young cats who are more blog hype/less skill, swagger-over-content, college stoner-dormroom rap acts. Refreshments have been served.

“Daze Of Thunder”

We Define Loyalty

After giving the new Sheek Louch joint a few spins, this track is rounding out to be one of my favorites on the LP.

Sheek Louch “Dinner Guest” (Feat. Jadakiss, Bully, Styles P)

Unexpected Confessions

This whole situation is bugged out … check the article below.

A Harlem rapper’s stunning confession in a 17-year-old cold case murder came as he began making amends in a 12-step detox program, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Trevell Coleman – a once-successful rap artist who was signed by P. Diddy – was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury Tuesday, a week after telling cops that he a shot a man in 1993.

What Coleman, who went by the name “G.Dep,” didn’t know when he showed up to talk to 25th precinct investigators was that his victim had died.

His lawyer said he came forward in an ongoing effort to pus his life on a righteous path.

“The power of the 12 step program and making amends,” Coleman’s criminal defense lawyer, Michael Alperstein, said.

“He’s trying to remake his life,” the lawyer said of his married client who has young twin children. “He’s trying to clean up.”

Alperstein said Coleman, 36, shot Henkel three times in the chest in a robbery gone bad shortly after 1 a.m. on Oct. 19, 1993, at 114th St. and Park Ave. with a .40 caliber handgun.

“He didn’t know that he killed the guy, but he knew he did something wrong – he’s been going to church his whole life,” Alperstein continued.

Alperstein said Coleman went to the 25th police precinct twice in an attempt to confess – and that incredulous cops didn’t take him seriously at first.

“They told him to come back,” the lawyer said.

Cops gave a different version.

A police source said that Coleman was “high as a kite” when he came in the first time over the summer. Investigators tried unsuccessfully to interview the incoherent Coleman, and then he asked to leave, the source said.

G.Dep, short for Ghetto Dependent, has struggled with hard-core drugs and is in Narcotics Anonymous, Alperstein said.

The bald-and-bearded rapper’s supporters, including his wife, mother and pastor, were in Manhattan Criminal Court as prosecutors announced he’d been indicted, his lawyer said.

Coleman faces 25-years-to-life in prison if convicted.

(Via NY Daily News)

Swiss Alps

I couldn’t find a legit flyer for this event, so here’s all the info you need to know. Meyhem Lauren is throwin’ down on the mic at Gallery Bar on Orchard Street.

Roll It Up, Murder It

New Bronsolini! You may recognize the sample…but it’s done oh so dirty. Another semi-bugged out visual adventure equipped with ’nuff Lo gear, army jackets, subway steps, dusk’y Queens scenery, and a furry hat reminiscent of one previously worn by a Mr. Tony Starks. As per usual, Action got slanguage for days.

“Get Off My P.P.”

Shouts to Try Bueno/Smart Crew.

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