BRUTAL TUESDAY: Elec-tric Shock To You!!

Some fuckin’ THRASH for your system! Progressive Thrash at that! In my book, this is one of the best bands to do it – thrash, prog, prog thrash…whatever. Voivod’s Killing Technology and Nothingface still get massive burn in my headphones.

The following video is exactly what I ask for in regard to the ideal old school metal visual experience…cardboard special efx, robots, human testing, sloppy blue/green screen, a little gore, ill half hair, and enough riff’age and charging d-beat type rhythmic affairs to shake a horn (or two) at.

“Ravenous Medicine”

Seriously…I need my first video to be low budget sci-fi like this. Shouts to my ace Malik Ali (Rockland County’s finest…pause) for bringing these guys to my utmost attention.

Rest In Power “Piggy”.

They Wanna Know

Your favorite rapper’s ghostwriter, Sauce Mothherfuckin’, eats up another joint. ‘Nuff said.

Sauce Money “Let Me Live”

A Unique (Plus “Da Barry Sistas”)

Shouts to my man Ant aka Tone English for the good pow-wow and joint trading today. One of the gems I walked away with was this video by Raekwon for “Ason Jones” (off of OB4CL2). In the flurry of the last few weeks, I somehow forgot about this…and how could I? Well, fuck it…we get the 2-weeks-late pass…PTP all day. Thanks again for the reminder my G!

Now enjoy…it’s a fantastic marriage of visual and verbal dedication to one of the rawest talents to grace our brainwaves.

Rest In Power: Ason Unique and Dilla.

OG Status? Yes.

Bonus Rae newness:
Raekwon “Da Barry Sistas” (Feat. Tommy Nova, Produced by BT)

Planets & Caviars

One of the nicest out is staying busy. Marci got down on the boards and provided the proper background instrumentals for the latest EP from UK duo The Planets. The following track is from the EP and Roc has a cameo on the verbiage side of things too.

The Planets “Sound Clash” (Feat. Roc Marciano)

And an extra treat … the fan made compilation Caviar, consisting of (some old, some newer) joints Roc had guest appearances on and tracks that ended up unreleased. Check the track listing below:

01. “Long Time Coming”
02. “Out Of Control” (Prod. by The P Brothers)
03. “The Regulators” (Feat. X-Ecutioners & Sly Boogie)
04. “Marcberri Interlude”
05. “Lay It Down” (Feat. Marco Polo)
06. “Graveyard Shiftin'” (Feat. DJ Babu & Cali Agents)
07. “Here We Go Again” (Feat. The Flipmode Squad)
08. “The Joint” (Feat. Das Racist)
09. “Caviar” (Feat. The P Brothers)
10. “Think Differently” (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Casual & Vordul Mega)
11. “Short Race” (Feat. GZA/Genius)
12. “Firepower”
13. “Like Thiss”
14. “Swordfish (Marco Polo Remix)” (Feat. Pumpkinhead)
15. “Money” (Feat. El Da Sensei & Reef)
16. “As Long As It’s Real” (Feat. The P Brothers)
17. “The Heist” (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)
18. “It’s So G”

The Blackest Of Black Friday

None of that pink bullshit…
This could have gone up during Tuesday’s installment of much-needed brutality…but I wanted to save it for this special day of exploded waistlines and consumerism. We’re keeping things slower and sludgey this week (wouldn’t want you losing any of that meal via impromptu keyboard mosh)…my man Note set it off with the Southern downpour of Acid Bath…now let’s shoot back to the gods of anything heavy and metal…the forefathers of all that is slow, down-tuned, sludgey, doomy, brutal, whatever…in raw, 1970’s form. My favorite band of all time…BLACK-fucking-SABBATH. Live in Paris, France.

Part 1

Part 2 (featuring the original version of “War Pigs”)

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 (for all of you Iron Man fans out there)

Part 6

Part 7

Seriously, if you’re a fan at all of heavy music…or would like to start getting your feet wet with it…set aside a good 45-hour and WATCH THIS through. This is the blueprint.


Yesterday, I had a chance pre-feast pow-wow with my man Harlem Boog and (Brooklyn) Migz.  One cat came through to my lab…then another one made the impromptu stop-in…and boom…we’re in a 3-cornered circle talking about days long passed: our first tapes, buying albums for one song and hating the rest of it (yet still listening through the whole shit since missing somethin’ or poppin’ your tape with rigorous fast-forward/rewind work would have been a much greater tragedy), off-the-radio mixtapes (how we used keep the system on mega low volume, head next to the speaker and finger on “pause”…all to stay under the parental radar since rap music was racy and full of the wrong messages (to them)), $5 limo bags, memos your school would send to pop/ma dukes about certain fly pieces that would put his/her/their child at risk, the first time we heard a Kool G Rap joint, how Ready To Die may have been modeled after Live And Let Die, Evil Dee on HOT97 Monday nights, etc. I love that type of shit.

In today’s featured clip, we see a (similar, yet larger…and perhaps more document-worthy) gathering of the minds at the legendary “Fever” in the Boogie Down. It’s gotta be ’93 or so, and a young Fat Joe celebrates the completion of his debut album with the rest of the BDP/Diggin’ In The Crates crew, Uncle Ralph McDaniels (who more appropriate to host…plus it IS “Nervous Thursday” after all), KRS, Dres, Red Alert, Special K, Teddy Ted, Sadat-X, Primo, Willie D, and then some. The air is thick with grand mutual respect and genuine comradery amongst the artists…something seldom felt in this day and age of pre-packaged egos, Internet beef, and all-pseudo-everything.

So on this day…enjoy the familial vibe of this clip, remember the good times, and embrace the moments you get with your loved ones. Eat well.

Number One Gunner

A handful of very dope new releases over the last week or so. Gives me a reason to post dope joints. Take this Young Chris/Christopher Ries number with Philly’s own Freeway, off of that ill The Re-Introduction mixtape. You may have peeped the video teaser a few days ago on PTP…well here it is in full strength audio form.

Young Chris “Street Secrets” (Feat. Freeway)

A bonus? Yeah. Quick video of Chris on the day of the mixtape’s release/listening party in Philly. Complete PTP co-sign on this shit…bumpin’ the joint hard in the office.

Gutter Ish

Title track off of the freshly released Gutter Water project by Alc and Oh No (as Gangrene). These guys are smart…they went and added Lex Diamonds to the mix…after hearing the finished product, you’ll agree that he is a perfect match for the minimal, yet moody, feel of the Alc&Muro collab beat (the type of shit we expect from those two – see the Return Of The Mac LP). I’m diggin’ this so much that I’ma go out on a limb and ask…can we get a few more verses on this, Chef?

Gangrene “Gutter Water” (Feat. Raekwon, Produced by The Alchemist & DJ Muro)

Gorillas And Ghosts In The Mist

(shitty post title aside) A lot of dope collab talk on here recently.

Sheek Louch (of The Lox) has confirmed the word that he and Ghostface (of the Wu Tang Clan) will do an album together.  The Lox and Wu (more specifically Rae and Ghost) have had some amazing team-ups over the years…so this news is met with little surprise, but boatloads of anticipation (thank you, rap gods).

Below is some entertaining footage from their most recent tour together (wish I could have made it out to the BB King’s show)…and then some.

Yeah some of that shit was highly questionable (on the part of the “fans”)… but it makes for mostly a good, clean viewing experience.

Speaking of collabo albums…what’s up with that Chef and G Rap joint?(?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Back Uptown

Fuckin’ Wikipedia…oh well.

Folks, earlier it was stated that the cinematic slang vets from the X, Camp Lo, were appointed to appear on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk II. Well, the finished product revealed a different outcome in regard to two of the three big name cameos to make the joint…Raekwon, thankfully, was present…but no Camp Lo (nor Badu). Now, that doesn’t take away from Spitta’s full length though…pick that up NOW, you’ll thank me yesterday…just would loved to have heard that collaboration happen, especially in line with the zone the rest of the album boasts. It would have been especially fresh since (history lesson ahead) Ski was Camp Lo’s original go-to-guy for the beats (perhaps he always has been)…and now he handles most of Curren$y’s production (with the live musicianship of The Sensei’s). Ah, I’m sure it’ll happen one day (if it hasn’t already)…and if/when it does, you’ll get it here with the quickness.

“Back Uptown” (Feat. Camp Lo, Produced by Ski Beatz)

For now, enjoy the above-posted Camp Lo & Ski track you may have not yet heard…off of Ski’s 24 Hour Karate School. I hear this and can’t help but think that NYC needs to learn a little from our Japanese friends in regard to accepting a little challenge in their rap music. These dudes have like 3 more albums overseas than out here…the fuck is that?! I’ll stop before conspiracy mode kicks in.

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