Rock The Bells (and your Killa Shirt ) 2010

Rock The Bells was pretty damn intense.  I am sun burnt.  The lines gettin’ in were hellish…and the line to the ferry back to the motherland (rotten as it is – NYC) was even more punishing on the senses.
I gotta say, outdoor music fests just ain’t really my thing anymore…but this one was a good one to go out on because of the handful of really dope performances.  It actually sorta felt like a Rocksteady Anniversary up at Gaelic Park…with the amount of heads, dirt/grass/dust, sun damage, and silly Hip Hop antics you came across…plus Tony Toca was KILLIN’ the tables (as usual)…just in a “V.I.P. tent” this time.
Performance Highlights:
Rakim was amazing.
Tribe was amazing (pulling out Large Pro and Neek The Exotic…and then Busta..very nice add).
Wu was fucking crazy.
Seriously…I’ve seen Wu as a unit once already…years ago…and both Ghost and Rae on separate occasions…but this recent performance was in-fucking-sane.  Every song from Enter The 36… plus favorites like “Criminology” and “4th Chamber”.  Yes.

Shouts to my PTP RTB crew: Wifey Cat, Note D, Big June, Rob Lo…as well as the duo of Wry-Lo and Spot-Lo, plus the kid Peter Baker…and my main millz from the Nuyo and Nightrain days, Apex.  More shouts to everyone who copped a Killa Shirt (even saw a FUGAZI ass “Killa Tape” shirt roaming around…had a picture of three cassette tapes….c’mon b)…

So I get online the next morning to be greeted by that!

Stock is almost out…
That’s all for now.

Bless Clark’s Soul

First off, mega shouts to Aaron for the kind words on PTP and the recent Killa Shirt video (I got you on that “Size M” family!).

So the title of this could be a witty play on words having to do with a footwear staple amongst Hip Hop heads and snazzy Brits (and sartorialistic heritage’y kids everywhere else)…but it’s really not going there.  Maybe it should have…but if you’re a good human being, you will be very fine with the original intent of this post: to showcase yet another installment of B-Less Radio’s pow wow with Super DJ Clark Kent.

So Mr. Kent…how’d you get into production?

Check out this here link for the original Boundless NY post (which includes a nice little mathematically-inclined breakdown of what made DJ Clark Kent the producer he is today).


Just finished toiling over a hot laptop and buggy iMovie ’08 to bring you this new video.  PTP proudly presents to you…the KILLA SHIRT (aka the “Woo Tang”, aka the “John Wu”, aka the “Woo Wu”, aka the “Tony Wza”)!

The ad is a short edit of an original idea, therefore it is only hints to how this shirt fully reps all that killa shit.  A double-tribute…tied together in light of this weekend’s promise of Wu doing the entire Enter The 36 Chambers at Rock The Bells.  That ain’t no small shit, so PTP figured it was time to do something this serious…and wearable.

On the front, a bold and timeless frame off of John Woo’s masterpiece, The Killer (one of my favorites of all time).  Flip it over and you have the classic Raekwon quote (off of Enter The 36…‘s “7th Chamber” intro…)…all silkscreened as a classy purple and black color print.  To add on, remember our favorite album that retained a nickname which was then adopted as part of the namesake to this very website?  Yes, that Purple Tape.  That Purple Tape which was enveloped in audio snippets from the same John Woo work of art as referenced on the Killa Shirt along with words from the favored wordsmith behind said album.  Full circle.  Everything is everything.

Please note: we do not have a store/shopping cart system set up just yet.
To get your Killa Shirt today, send a message over to with your shirt size and desired quantity.  We’ll set you up proper.

Sizes: S-XL (2XL and XS on special order)

Also, look out for this shirt (or another edition of it) to appear at a favorite retailer, soon…but best believe you will get the best deal by dealin’ direct.  So hit us up.

Seriously, it has been a week since receiving these in hand and the response has been tremendous.  Not one email blast, post, tumble, or tweet yet…and we’re almost out of the first batch.  Extra EARLY!


Queens classic.

One of my favorites from the mighty PRC aka Powerule Crew…or quite simply, Powerule.

These cats survived the test of changing time and era.  You want that late 80’s stee?  Go check “Smooth” and even “Brick In The Wall” (came out in ’90…but still).  You want that ’97 stee?  It’s all about “Bright Lights, Big City”.  A catalog reflecting more than a decade of street corner hits.

The Professor Speaks…

Part 1 – How he got on: joints for Intelligent Hoodlum, check from Marley Marl, his first SP-1200, noise complaints, Kool G Rap, Rakim, 18 years old.

Part 2 – The days of Main Source and puttin’ Nasty Nas on.

Large Professor.  One of the dopest, most accomplished, and most humble producers out there.  If you haven’t already, check the Boundless Radio episode he was featured on to hear crazy gems and check for his joint on Teddy King’s Nas remix project dropping sometime in the future (also featuring a Geng-Grizzly heater …or two?).

Kill Devil Hills


Quick word to the masses.  Okay, so most new music doesn’t excite us here at PTP…shit just ain’t rockin’ like that these days.  There’s a lack of vibe.  Whatever whatever whatever…embittered rant aside.


Owl beasts!  Not only that…but Bill is just as beastly, if not more, from point A-Z of this paranoid masterpiece.  Keeping things 1000% with the content…and a delivery akin to his earlier days in Non Phix.
Thank the lord for Muggs and his use of mucho drum breaks.

Check the video if you haven’t already…it’s like Venture Bros. in goon vision.

And get the Gold Edition of OB4CL2…and get MF Grimm’s You Only Live Twice

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Random Acts Of Brutality

Courtesy, once again, of KillThatCat (on Youtube).  Dude has so much footy…some super-rare shit.  I spent a good hour too many raiding his video crates last night.  Some favorites:

West Coast:

Despise You – 3/22/08 – 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA

Spazz – 7/05/97 – Albany, NY

Enewetak – 7/20/96 – Goleta HC Fest, Goleta, CA

East Coast:

Cattlepress – 10/05/97 – Coney Island High, NYC

Born Against – 11/15/91 – Philadelphia, PA

Rorschach – 7/16/93 – 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA

"Show You How To Turn A Broken Cellphone…"

“…into a ratchet.”

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill “Trouble Shooters” (ft. Sean Price, O.C., Sick Jaken)

GOD DAMN!  This is what I’m talkin’ about.  Let me remind you that DJ Muggs is a master at creating a sinister track from a 2-4 second loop…(see Cypress’ Temples… and the Soul Assassins comps)…the perfect backdrop for any NYC MC over which to go apeshit.  Ill Bill and co. do just that.  I’m also supremely glad that Bill is on that calmer, rapid fire G Rap stee (and not the “crazy yelling whiteboy” shit he was flexin’ hard for a while there – just a much better look in this day and age, IMO).  His content still remains on the mega paranoid, intelligent goon shit, which is exactly what I look for when I put on any track with his name on it (he’s easily one of the best to do it…and don’t get it twisted…him and the Non Phixion gang were the ORIGINAL goons…seemingly a decade and change before Jim Jones made it a slang fad uptown when he called up Hot 97 to spazz on Ma$e).

If the rest of the Kill Devil Hills project sounds anything like this track, then I’d go on to call it the best pairing of a single MC to Muggs production on a full-length scale.  In general, it’s refreshing to see an album that utilizes a single producer/production team to score the entire sonic foray, for it’s a concept that has been far too scantly exercised in this recent decade and change of (non-compilation) Hip Hop album-making.  This rings truest for both Eastern and Western extremities, as much of the South relies on the same combo of 808’s and Triton kits (therefore many producers of that region, though not quite sounding “alike”, have less trouble bearing too much of a contrasting style when grouped in with other Southern styled beatmakers…bottom-line, it’s not that hard to sound cohesive if you use the same sounds as the other guy).  Muggs is a vet at both pumping out top quality product, track by track, as well as organizing said product to create a tightly-welded soundscape, at album’s length…so I’m pretty confident that this is gonna be a good one.

Let me just say again, that all of the MC’s do large damage…boasting a perfect combination of mid-90’s intelligence and vocab with modern day delivery and wordplay to maintain an exceptional degree of progressive relevance (and not getting lost in sounding “overly-nostalgic”…or “outdated”).  I can’t front, I haven’t heard any recent O.C. shit, but from the sound of this, it seems I’m overdue for a mission in excavation!

Props to Unkut for the joint.  Look out for the Fat Beats NYC memoir collab we’re doing coming in the near near future.

Straight From The Slums Of Bushwick…

Up from the thirty-si…okay nah…but what you see is a hint to what’s to come this weekend here at Purple Tape Pedigree.

Killa Tape shirts (aka the “Woo Tangs”…a bit of a tribute) on the way!  Get yours ordered and rock that during Wu’s 36 Chambers set at Rock The Bells next weekend.

Currently, this limited edition is available from sizes S-XL (special order for XXL)…Black/Purple on White…front & rear print.

Look out for the video…

Beanies coming sooner than you think…

You Can’t Make Everybody Happy…Not Even If You’re Superman.

Part 3 of Boundless NY’s video feature on DJ Clark Kent.

More life lessons.  You know, Clark, brandishing that outlook was probably how you became the grandmaster you are today.  Here’s to perseverance and trying to convert all the naysayers.

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