NERVOUS THURSDAYS: Life’s A 50-50 Gamble

This song was crazy ill for a few non-disputable reasons.  1. Trigger’s ver-derse.  2. DV’s verse.  3. Smoothe’s verse.  4. A catchy, sing-song’y hook in ’96 that didn’t fall under the soft, “let’s rehash this 80’s hit love ballad” category.  5. “Melting Pot” being sampled in ’96…to then create a new age, thugged out B-Boy anthem.  Oh yeah, 6. the way Smoothe drops mention of the Illuminati is too tough!

Trig and Smoothe (or Smoothe and Trig) really brought some fresh innovation to the 1-2-mic-pass tradition.  Not only did they boast a complimentary pairing of vocal qualities, but the concepts they thought up to apply toward wordplay and phrasing were nextnextnext level.  Graduates of the EPMD-meets-Rae&Ghost Academy of Dynamic Duo’ism.

After first witnessing the potential on joints like “Broken Language” and “My Brother, My Ace”, to then hearing this and the mixtape classic, “Hitman For Hire”…I cannot tell you how mad I was at Def Jam for for shelving Trigger’s Life’s A 50-50 Gamble (the grudge would last for years to follow).  Thanks, Def Jam, for subjecting me to glueing my finger to the rewind button whenever I popped in an old Stretch Armstrong radio tape that featured this joint (not a bad thing, but I’m sayin’).

Brutal Tuesday Outing, Aftermath: Part 1

(Photos by Paul Birman…more flicks and words on Brooklyn Vegan)

Holy shit last night’s show at the Union Pool was retarded!  All three bands brought their own monstrous brand of aggro to the table and did nothing but rip.


What a fuckin’ opening to the night, can’t wait to hear those new songs with vocals (real melodic, yet noisy as all Hell…I dunno how…but they do it, really fucking well).  I see bright things on the horizon for this next LP.  Absolutely murdered it.

Landmine Marathon

As an act following Wetnurse, I can imagine it being hard to hang with their full-on detonation of a set…well, hang they most certainly did.  The crowd ate the Landmine brutality up and so started the pit action (which Grace even got in on).  I was nothing short of blown away, as expected.


A handful of us went in without knowledge…now we’ve been thoroughly schooled (shit, I was kinda schooled once I caught a second of the soundcheck).  Missed the first song, then came in to realize such a HUGE sound was coming from a 3-piece (female vocals, guitar, and drums)…my mind was no more.  I couldn’t stop exchanging the “ugly face” with Gene across the sea of shaking heads in the crowd.  Crustified (sonically), down-tuned than a muhfucka, sludge with special-efx (imagine a slower Dystopia sans outerspace-dream-sequence guitar…but without being droney – DOPE).

Merch table raids were in full effect, though I can say my wallet only allowed for a long-awaiting attack on Landmine’s offerings.  Two tees, a CD and 7″ later… 
(plus I already have all the Wetnurse goodness)

Huge shouts to PTP’s Jimmy D and Bvllshark’s Mike-G (plus crew) for joining in on the destruction…best under-$15 show I’ve been to in a WHILE.

The vibe was correct…from exchanges with band members to fellow audience members, the whole situation was love.  Exactly what going to shows is about.

There will be some PTP exclusive footage from various moments, although my camera was buggin’ during Wetnurse’s set…kept turning off mid-recording (the giant noise of the Nurse was oh-too powerful for the bitchy little iFLIP – thanks Apple)…so I only crept away with the second half of “Conversations With The Moon”.  Regardless…I will be posting up video tidbits in Part II…so you already know.

For now…enjoy some footy, already on the ‘tube…
“NYC” by Wetnurse…featuring a guest appearance by my finger and tip-toe yell:

The tail-end of Landmine Marathon’s set (see your boy go from tired to exhausted…heads were bulldozin’ and dancin’ the shit out of the circle prior to it becoming a total human slingshot shitstorm – either version is done simply when this band is on, or so I found out):

And Salome…Salome…Sa-looooooooooooooooooooooome (!!!!!!!):

Bonus LM (it was announced that they have a new video):

Landmine Marathon – Shadows Fed To Tyrants

BRUTAL TUESDAY: Live Tonight @ Union Pool, BK

Summer and live music…always a great combo…this year I am seeing so much on the horizon from here til September.  Faith No More at the Waterfront was nothing short of incredible.  Up next, a show that is just rip-your-fucking-skull-in-half badness.

Super excited to see my boys Wetnurse return to the stage…with a new ditty or two underwing…and to be playing with Landmine Marathon, whom I missed in NYC last year (they destroyed Lit).  I have no comment (yet) on Salome as I have yet to catch up with their sonic offerings…but I’d gladly pay $10 for either Wetnurse or Landmine, dolo, because both bands completely deliver both on record and on stage (perhaps even more, live).  Two of my favorite front people today (Nurse’s Gene = vocals on multiple personality disorder, stage antics like a sleepwalker struck by the Mack-truck-force of his own worst fears infinitely repeating before him.  Landmine’s Grace = her voice will make you wish you left your pregnant wife at home and she’ll kick your teeth out if you don’t agree with abortion by sonic mudfight).

Landmine Marathon and Salome will also be playing at the Cake Shop on July 15…but you’re better off risking life and limb to see Wetnurse along with ’em tonight.


Just for kicks, a little Nurse liveness from last year…

P.S. What other shows are on the PTP calendar? Primus at the Waterfront, Tes-Uno’s A Tribe Called Tes at Le Poisson Rouge, the headliners of Rock The Bells, Drop Dead in BK, Black (fuckin’) Army Jacket reuniting at the Cake Shop (again, BK Vegan, I owe you something very valuable), and i

Takin’ Out The Suckas…

…and you don’t know how we did it.

Tomorrow, D-Nice and I set things off for a new weekly outdoor DJ series at NJPAC.  It’s free, rain or shine, and close to the PATH train.  I’m super amped to be rockin’ with D, as I grew up listening to his music (not only his solo material, but remember he produced many a BDP banger).
Expect classics and no-fist pumps.  Shouts to my man Ty and the rest of the NJPAC crew.

The Real Thing

Holy shit.  Faith No More in 40 minutes in BK.  AMPED.

Grew up listening to these cats, Metallica, GnR, and Primus (whom I heard is also performing this summer at the Williamsburg Waterfront – again, AMPED).  There’s not another thrash-punk-prog-funk-hybrid-mutant band that can get me this hype.  “Epic”, though terribly played the fuck to the ground (thanks Karaoke bars and Rock Band), still rules.

It’s crazy how many cats have come out the woodwork as old FNM fans when they heard about this show…shouts to my millz Benny-D who’s going to Philly to enjoy this first-time-in-a-decade experience.  If you’re not able to make any of the shows this weekend…at least do yourself good by bumpin’ The Real Thing and Angel Dust…enjoy the genius of this nutty ass band…I’ll let you know how it translated on tonight’s stage (though I’ve seen nothing but beyond promising recent footy of them – still throwing down).

Pro OG Footy:

Check the surprise bodyslam steez…

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