81 Bars

To continue today’s wave of new joints…here’s a banger by the OG Freddy Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles. Very dope Alchemist beat.

And yes, he disses Guru AND Cormega on this joint.

“81 Bars”

UPDATED: video link fixed.

"Re-unite like the Wu…"

“Our Dreams” More Wu Massacre!!!!!


First joint off the new Wu project (I know…a little late…but I’ve not heard enough about this on the Internet)…”Wu Massacre”…by the power trio of Raekwon, Ghostface, and Method Man.

“Meth Vs. Chef Part II”

NERVOUS THURSDAY: Business Never Personal

Throw on those Champion hoodies and some Carhartt… classic Hit Squad footy ahead.  ’92 style.

A bit about the Redman album that was mentioned in the above clip.


This is refreshing (and late).  Not only are these ads for the new Wu project…but they are very well-done.


Hey, remember when album promos existed?

A re-post from the earlier days of PTP…but this shit is just too ill.


Out of the entire Eric B. & Rakim catalog, I think 1992’s Don’t Sweat The Technique falls out on top for me.  The reasoning behind this decision lies mostly in the fully voiced aggression achieved in both Rakim’s delivery and lyrical content, as well as the frequently raucous, multi-layered production heard throughout this classic.  In the past, there were certainly shades of this kind of force on songs like “Lyrics Of Fury”, “Follow The Leader”, and “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em”, plus who could deny the strength of Rakim’s vocal tone after hearing the opening bars of “My Melody” or “Eric B. Is President”, but DSTT, though not without its laid back moments of scholarly and even sexual narratives (versatility kids, a key element to a satisfying full-length listen), boasted a majority of hard lined joints like “Casualties of War”, “Pass the Hand Grenade”, “Teach The Children”, and “Know The Ledge”; those that really capitalized on elevating things to a new level through sobering reality checks as well as fantastically bold and violent imagery.

Perhaps one of the finest examples of the latter is “The Punisher”, a descriptive rap that which channels the graphic comparison of Rakim’s wordplay and commanding presence to warehouse-by-the-river torture. Plus it was probably titled after the alias of the Marvel Comics character, Frank Castle.


All Samples Cleared…almost.

For those who missed it for one reason or another.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
3 of 6 Parts. Go do like us and dig…it ain’t that hard to find if you are smart about it.


Goodnight, Conan.

Wow. It is crazy to say that I have just witnessed the final episode of Conan O’Brien’s late night existence-slash-dominance on NBC. As a loyal fan of Late Night With Conan O’Brien for way over a decade, I knew that come 30 minutes past midnight, instant refuge from the presented stress of the day awaited me, five times a week. Conan and crew constantly provided the ideal “escape” before a night’s retirement with their steady stream of ingenious wit and borderline lunacy.

Thank you, Mr. O’Brien.  Your late night antics will forever remain a force unparalleled.

“To be continued…” (in 7 months) ???????

This Is A Sampling Sport…

This hour-long documentary, Copyright Criminals, aired on PBS this passed Monday night. If you’re a dedicated PTP follower (you should be…click “Follow” while yer at it), you may have noticed the fact that this premiered right on time, following my Clyde Stubblefield/Marley Marl post. 

Quite an interesting cast of characters on the very “grey area” topic of sampling.  I did not get a chance to peep the whole feature yet…but from the bits I’ve seen, there’s a great balance of both gem and junk coming from both sides of the fence.

Thumbs way up on Shock G’s analogy of “painting:photography::playing an instrument:sampling”, as well as a matured Chuck D looking back on being hit with a case over samples used on past Public Enemy records. On the flipside, I thoroughly smacked my forehead at Eyedea’s breakdown on how the turntable is more rhythmically complex than instruments such as a guitar or “horn” (uhhh, will ya?!)…and as much as it hurts to say, as I completely admire dude as a musician and producer, Steve Albini at times had a few too many buckets of smug-toned spew to offer. Of course editing is involved and he could have been only referring to instances like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, or the trend that hit big during Bad Boy Records’ reign in ’97 (think Diana Ross, The Police, Kool & The Gang, and Grandmaster Flash…to name a few).  I’ll wait until I see the whole thing before posting further on that.

Click the link to check local listings for the next airing. NYC, if you have Time Warner Cable as your provider, it will be on again this Sunday, January 24, at 12:00PM (Noon) on Channel 13.

CORRECTION: The Sunday, January 24, noontime airing will be on Channel 164 for most of NYC.

R.I.P. Apache

Apache, of the Flavor Unit, passed away today due to an “unknown” illness. This plus the news of Killa Sha’s passing on Monday makes it a pretty sad week in the world of Hip Hop.

Most people only know Apache from his hit single “Gangsta Bitch”. After his full-length, he went on to do a bunch of cameos…this being my favorite (fuck it, it’s my favorite song he ever contributed to):

Fat Joe featuring Apache & Kool G Rap (need I say more?)

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