Video Stream: Case File "Again"

…because I feel like doing this.

(not the video edit…but fuck it, it’s a crystal clear copy of the video)

Cheers to You, Good Weather

A couple of my favorite, previously-sampled records that which compliment the (finally) “comfortable” weather out here in NYC.

I said “a couple”…there you have it.

Botanica Bar, Dirty 30’s, Last Night

Had a ridiculous time last night spinnin’ my man Mark’s “Enter Your 30’s” birthday event at Botanica Bar on E. Houston Street.  The place was packed with a live mixed crowd…my favorite type of situation to go in on…and it didn’t stop until about 4:15am.  There was crazy family on the check-in all throughout and I was glad it was all love and madness for my dude reaching his 30th year on the planet.

Seriously though, the night started with some vintage Jackson 5 to set off the whole birthday vibe (being that it was MJ’s bornday as well), into some 70’s and 80’s cook-out classics…then things got deep.  The Golden Age crates got dug out…vintage everything from De La, Tribe, Black Sheep, Cypress, Chubb Rock, P.E., Rakim, Run DMC, Main Source, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, a Deathrow-a-thon…to name a little of what was then followed by classic Dancehall murder courtesy of my millz DJ Conquerrah (RESCUE TEAM WHATTUP).  Things got outta hand in all the good ways possible…he gave me the most proper alley(-oop) with some Biggie, more Cypress, and Onyx…the rest was a gorgeous blur.

Seriously, even the requests were on-point…things like “Halftime”, “”93 ’til Infinity”, “Incarcerated Scarfaces”, “The Takeover”, and mucho mention of Wu Tang and Native Tongues classic ALBUMS…mostly coming from the lady side of things.  Yep.

I remember yelling … a lot…mostly because I played a jarring slew of Wu Tang classics…spanning 36 Chambers to even The W …almost mosh pit status with all the body slamming and arm throwing.

Huge shouts to everyone who came through…it was my pleasure.

music that makes for an angry half-grin

  Gotta love the “grimy basement party steez” (as Conquerrah so correctly coined it).  Shit was like a house party for real…just a really big room with a big bar.
happy shirts make happy birthdays
shouts to Jocelyn for posting pics of the night

Wish I had a decent camera with which to snap shots as well… this was one for the books.

Three major joints of the night… (one video has two songs in it…you should know that):

See you at No Malice Palace in the Lower East come Thursday night.


Fuck it… the URL is back to it’s OG form. After having seen more pages with links to this lovely space on the Internet…I’ve come to realize how truly prime the real estate is around here.

I’m staying for another year.

The Great Outdoors

Today is a new one. Off I go into this insanely comfortable NYC weather.

A very welcomed break from the retarded hot and humid bull’ we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. Yes, I was outside in 66-degree coolness this morning and cannot wait for the chain of days like this to arrive. Fall and Spring win.

Enough posting…enjoy the reading and media…and enjoy the day.

Time for me to hop on the BMX and make moves!

And to close on the topic of classics and “new day” appreciation…here’s an essential:

Amerikkka’s Most Wanted

Say what you will about the more modern day Cube who decided to subscribe to the whole Hollywood thing, post-Singleton, where he’s either doing a flick that reinforces the same (negative) African-American stereotypes or a “family-friendly”, cream puff outing (which probably supports some of the same shitty stereotypes). So yes, say what you will…I just did, in so many words.

That aside, YOU CANNOT TELL ME SHIT about the angry, politically charged West Coast lyricist (-slash-ghostwriter, ha!) of the late ’80’s to about ’93/’94.

On to the highlights in video form:

Pre-N.W.A. exit and Post-N.W.A. Interview

One of the hardest verses of the late 80’s.

Irony at it’s best…

gafflin’ goods before everyone else…even from his own peoples.

One last hit…unfortunately, no visual media for this one…

Purple Tape Pedigree – New URL

Yep. After typing “” enough/one too many times, I’ve come to realize how tedious that URL was…and we all know that tedium is no fun. So today marks a moment of renovation… I present to you, the new URL:

Of course…you know this already, since you’re here reading this.

‘Nuff Gats

First off, I’d like to thank MC Izzy Ice (or “Iz”) and DJ Majesty for forming Da King & I and creating 1993’s Contemporary Jeep Music. If one requested an album which encapsulated the transitional feeling of ’93 (or mid-’92 to the tip of ’94…aka the “early-mid 90’s”), in being a step away from the playful funk motif into a lower-ended, edgier, raw “hoodies and 40-Below’s” sound that maintained the fundamental emphasis on exuding originality, this would be one of those I’d throw in that person’s hand alongside Enta Da Stage, Enter the 36 Chambers, Mecca and the Soul Brother, Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop, and Intoxicated Demons. This album was criminally slept-on as it wreaks of ambition and ingenuity (call it “creative drive”, perhaps)…playing host to a wide array of beats, some hard, some still playful, but all with layered samples and whip rattling basslines…plus the flipping through concepts and styles, song to song, flawlessly executed with unusual agility by Iz (style AND content).

And now to today’s feature presentation…

Peep the Buckshot cameo ‘pon mention of calling his “rugrats”…real Brooklyn shit.

Not only is the song retarded dope…but the original records Maj used to put the beat together are equally as ill:

The “jeep bass” and then some.

The hook/alternate sample.

And lastly, the drums…

Check for the break clocking in around the 2:12 mark. Let me just say that these drums have a similar effect on me as “Synthetic Substitution” or “It’s a New Day“, in that I end up going apeshit for damn near any song (or at least the beat, if the song is trash) that has utilized this (let’s see: Dre and Snoop’s “Deep Cover”, the Liks’ “Make Room”, Heather B’s “All Glocks Down”, Pete Rock & CL’s “Anger In The Nation”, PE’s “Get The Fuck Outta Dodge”, LL’s “Mama Say Knock You Out”, De La’s “Eye Know”…you get the pic). Rugged, especially when cats keep the horns in the drum track, to add to the rhythmic element.

Speaking of favorite songs that have utilized the above-highlighted drum break…


I’d also like to thank whoever came up with this blog idea, for the last few years have introduced me to so many astounding bits of music. Contemporary Jeep Music is no exception. Much like at least one other person out there in the blogosphere, it was not until recently when I had (re-)discovered this album and gave to it my undivided. I was blown away. Without venturing too deeply into the brush of album synopsis, let me just mention that I have listened to Da King & I’s masterpiece at least once a week since my re-awakening to its omnipotent presence in the “Golden Age” annals. Here’s a very fresh interview with Maj to read after finishing with your session of educational listening (found on “From Da Bricks” in doing a search for something related to them). PTP style.

Bad Tagging: Rorschach in Germany, ’92

Okay. Fucking intense, tight, and thoroughly entertaining performance. Typical German punk/hardcore scene hijinx with the paper mache snowball wars and energy (at least from what live footage I’ve seen of other bands playing in that region).

…not to mention a quick Nirvana rendition…yes, THAT Nirvana.

Come September 25th, I will be tearing my vocal chords out at the NYC reunion…then I’m skating off to the Organized Konfusion/P.R.T. show (followed by the C.R. reunion/finale out in Shaolin the next day). I will have no face.

This was found under the “related videos” section of the following (probably infamous) clip of Rorschach playing their cover of Black Flag’s “My War”. As I was one of the unlucky few who missed them in the early 90’s, the “My War” performance was the first live clip that I had the pleasure of finding. I was seriously floored. In this, I saw a band who looked and performed as they sounded on record…fucking crazy.

The fact that, in the video, they are all reduced to silhouettes thrashing around on stage, due to the venue’s choice of “mood lighting”, made this even more psychologically appealing. To me, it heartily reinforced the band’s bold, and sometimes unsettling, visual aesthetic (as well as that of the music). Let’s also not overlook the coincidence of the whole “cloaked identity”/Watchmen comic book character (from whom their name was adopted)…and the element of ambiguity that which the inkblot test was centered around (from which Alan Moore derived the name for his character).

Oh yeah, the tags were “BORN” and “AGAINST”.

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