Don’t Run Away

Chronik, the always hyped emcee that’s jumped to the top of the Slew Dem ranks has re emerged with a new cut and visual, which is supposedly off his next project Rise of the Lengman.

Keeping in theme with his previous videos, this one is just as unique and over the top. It’s also crazy that a stateside producer who one of our own PTP familia members (Face Vega) has a connection to, did the beat.

Chronik “Deepest Darkest” (Prod. Keyboard Kid)

Move Ghost

Carns Hill, the road rap producer just released his OT2 mixtape and visuals for the intro track. Grab the tape on iTunes.

OT2 Intro (Feat. Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon, and Mental K, Dir. Aaron Smalls)

We Just Work

Bayoz Muzik, the SN1 representative and the man behind plenty of beats for Giggs which ended up as hits, sits down with SB TV for an episode of their web series, Producer’s House. He discusses his background with music, his equipment, and even goes into detail on the creation of a few specific tracks.

Them Pagans

Bayoz Muzik, one of the producers behind the distinctive SN1 sound — released his latest project, Death of a Beat Maker. The tape includes appearances from Giggs, Waka Flocka, JME, Blade Brown, and more. Grab it below.

Ain’t Got Any Dreams

Big H, the frontman of the Bloodline Crew dropped this new single for UK DJ Wardot‘s latest mixtape which you can grab here.

Big H “Mum’s Life”

80’s Baby 90’s Thug

G-Man, the representative of Slew Dem went in on Footsie‘s “Hit It” instrumental. Footsie‘s instrumental compilation King Original is slated to be released on February 4th. Peace to Chronik lamping in the background.

G-Man “Hit It Freestyle” (Prod. Footsie)”

Crispy Duck

Paper Pabs, the next up outta the Blood Line camp dropped visuals for his latest single. His next solo mixtape The Man The Myth is scheduled to drop March 1st.

Paper Pabs “Outta 5”

Through Garage

Darq E Freaker — the producer you might remember from his collaboration with Danny Brown, the mix he did for Mishka, or even his own Cherryade EP recently dropped a new 35 minute mix containing some previously unreleased beats during his guest set on Rinse FM. Stream or download it below. Quite very bangerish.

Download it here.

Tell Em Rudebwoy

Wiley is back at it again another freestyle in his Step series. This time around he tackles an older jungle beat, “R-Type” produced by Jo. Shout outs to the video game with the same title.

If you missed his previous freestyles in the series, download Step Freestyles 1-18.

Wiley “Step 19”

Carry Machines

Ruff Sqwad, an early force in their respectable subgenre recently appeared in this set also featuring Slew Dem members Chronik, G Man, Rage, along with Merky Ace, Kozzie, Roachee, and Lee Brasco — recorded at the most recent Boiler Room party on December 13th.

Ruff Sqwad‘s instrumental compilation White Label Classics was also just released, the skengman since day need this one their life. Buy it here.

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