Cities Aviv ain’t about the sucker shit (trust me, I’ve spent many hours with the god). This is the moment during which all of his past punk rock and Hypnotize Minds mosh pit experiences morph into an unrelenting motivational anthem. Some glitch-boogie-punk-funk fist pump music.

CitiesCome To Life will drop on January 28 on Young One Records. If you’re in NYC this Friday, check the guy out at 285 Kent alongside Factory Floor, Yvette, and DJ Kris DFA.

Cities Aviv “URL IRL”

via Stereogum

Riding Through The Trench

Here marks the day on which Gorgeous Children unleashed ICE. I will say no more because you will do the rest.

Behold. ICE!

I Brought Your Tacos

Rome and Goodwin drop off the next chapter to a twisted tale of sex, lies, and murder (not necessarily in said order). Always keep a grooming kit, a change of clothes, and a back-up plan. Beautiful Pimp II on the way.

Rome Fortune “I Said” (Prod. CitoOnTheBeat)

Special thanks to the Boyd Estate.

Purple Tapes Out The White Benz

Gorgeous Children + Blade Runner + the finest things. The family tree is at colossal status and heads are feeling mighty proud to stand round such prodigal soil. ICE out in a couple of weeks. #Sourboyz tour coming soon.

Gorgeous Children “Sour” (Prod. by Gila Monsta)

Special thanks to FACT


Thugga and Longway throw a house party and our guy Goodwin was there to assign a lens to some very key moments of savagery. Gritty and well-shot has been a ledge many have been short of making when it comes to street-themed rap videos, thankfully, that is not at all the case here (and I could not think of two artists who more need and deserve such a proper visual treatment).

We’re also glad that Goodwin got out slug-free.

Young Thug & PeeWee Longway “Loaded” (Prod. Big K)

Computers Putin’

I always wanted to type that. New MONEYDVNCE remix to one of the most referenced songs in Killa‘s catalog. He said:

The sound of Killa being lensed by John Carpenter whilst Rowdy Roddy Piper slapboxed cyborgs in 1980’s urban dystopia.


Okay now click here for the very special short movie, directed by our own Gila Monsta, starring Cam.

Word has it that MONEYDVNCE will not only be appearing on a near future ep. of Fresh Out The Box, but will also be making his live debut in NYC later this month.

Cam’ron “Get ‘Em Girls (MONEYDVNCE Remix)”

Shouts to FACT Mag

Know What’s Goooooood

Gavin aka Cities Aviv is exactly what happens when hardcore punk and noise elements taint the Memphis rap water supply. Okay, it ain’t the only way that can happen, but fam has found a way to present a hybrid sound while missing all pretentious musings usually found in such exercises (and dorm rooms).

(…ahem Anticon ahem practically any Noise “artist”)

Son’s music is definitely not for everyone (with the self-assigned genre of “outsider art”…why would it be?), but he is certainly a stand-out example in the realm of “not giving a fuck and remaining cool while at it” (especially live, where the aggression can really take flight and shit can get kicked into the crowd). Looking forward to Come To Life, coming soon on Young One Records.

Cities Aviv “URL IRL” (Prod. Cities Aviv)

The Cause & Effect

Rome Fortune and Goodwin crafted the most sense-pleasing, “warm-weather appropriate” video this year. After leaving The W in NYC, the duo took things out West to get sun-drenched in LA and, as expect, we see the umbrella-ornamented-drinking-glass vibe continue, but then the “Safety” happens: a track produced by HPG‘s own Dun Deal on which it seems like he was remixing “Get The Guap” while watching Misery. Things get a lil twisted in the storyboard department as well.

Rome hasn’t slowed a bit since the release of Beautiful Pimp (quite the contrary, actually) and now we have multiple projects on the calendar for which to impatiently wait.

Rome Fortune “Missed Calls” (Prod. Ethereal)

Rome Fortune “Safety” (Prod. Dun Deal)

“I’m Gonna Die Tonight”

Don’t make MuMMz angry. The god might bring that TRENCH out of the RAP (or bring that ____ out the TRENCH…maaan, the stories heads would never tell you). Straight from the most dimly-lit block in Harlem…yellow tape and all. EP and assorted other things coming soon on Live From The Kitchen/PTP Recordings.

MuMMz “Aerosol” (Prod. Chris Fresh – 808 Mafia)

Shouts to Meaghan at The Fader!


You think I don’t give a fuck b?! GILA MONSTA REALLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK THOUGH. THIS GUY IS PUSHING THE TRENCH SOUND WITH SECRET OF MANA TYPE ORCHESTRAL UNITS AT THE HELM ON THIS. You wanna be smart? Listen to my partna dem and anxiously await his upcoming instrumental album on Type Records (as well as the very soon dropping new Gorgeous Children EP, ICE).

Gila Monsta “Switchinupposition”

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